Marion Royael Gallery

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August 11th, 2012 - September 2nd, 2012
Marion Royael Gallery presents a group show featuring Deus ex Machina, by Peter Leue
Mary Giehl, Kathleen Erin Lee, Peter Leue, Brian Loatman
July 14th, 2012 - August 5th, 2012
CHEAP SHOT, Target Paintings, directed art product
Barbara AG Riddle and Steven Paul Riddle
June 9th, 2012 - July 8th, 2012
James Gwynne and Alexander Percy
James Gwynne, Alexander Percy
May 12th, 2012 - June 3rd, 2012
Barbara AG Riddle, steven paul Riddle
April 14th, 2012 - May 6th, 2012
David Coalburn, Joe Zarra, Rick Rogers, Peter Moreno
David Coalburn, Peter Moreno, Rick Rogers, Joe Zarra
March 10th, 2012 - April 1st, 2012
November 12th, 2011 - December 4th, 2011
Rick Rogers, Dave Dziemian, Kathleen Erin Lee, Grace Knowlton, Jennifer Smith
Dave Dziemian, Grace Knowlton, Kathleen Erin Lee, Rick Rogers, Jennifer Smith
October 8th, 2011 - November 6th, 2011
Mary Giehl, Brian Edwards
David De Campo, Brian Edwards, Mary Giehl, Michael Krasowitz, Peter Leue
September 10th, 2011 - October 2nd, 2011
Steven Kenny, Ed Benavente, Joe Zarra
Ed Benavente, Steven Kenny, Joe Zarra
August 13th, 2011 - September 4th, 2011
Kathleen Erin Lee
Kathleen Erin Lee
June 11th, 2011 - July 10th, 2011
Jose Acosta @ Marion Royael
Jose Acosta, James Gwynne, Joe Zarra
May 14th, 2011 - June 5th, 2011
It's All About the City
Jose Acosta, David Coalburn, David Dziemian, Brian Edwards, Mary Giehl, Rick Hutchinson
April 9th, 2011 - May 8th, 2011
Morgan Donohue, Mary Giehl, Rick Rogers
February 12th, 2011 - March 6th, 2011
the Riddle Homology (2)
Barbara A.G. Riddle, steven paul Riddle
December 11th, 2010 - January 2nd, 2011
April Aguayo, David Coalburn, Brian Edwards, James Gwynne
November 13th, 2010 - December 5th, 2010
Silent Witness
Dave Dziemian, Joe Zarra
September 11th, 2010 - October 3rd, 2010
"Best Works"
David Coalburn, Dave Dziemian, Brian Edwards, Felicia Glidden, James Gwynne, Rick Hutchinson, Michael Krasowitz, William Lindsay, Alexander Percy, Barbara A.G. Riddle, steven paul Riddle, Ivan Suchman, Jack Thornton, Lea Weinberg, Joe Zarra
September 11th, 2010 - October 5th, 2010
August 14th, 2010 - September 5th, 2010
"Uncommon Sense"
Rick Hutchinson, Alexander Percy, Lea Weinberg
August 7th, 2010 - August 8th, 2010
"Call 'n' Response"
Nelson Conde, Chris Crocco, Dave Dziemian, Ross Pederson
July 10th, 2010 - August 1st, 2010
'Four by Six'
David Coalburn, Hy and Ivan Suchman, John David 'Jack' Thornton
June 12th, 2010 - July 4th, 2010
Carl Van Brunt
May 8th, 2010 - May 23rd, 2010
April 10th, 2010 - May 6th, 2010
Elements of Surprise
Morgan Donohue, Rania Emmanouel, James Gwynne, Rick Hutchinson
March 13th, 2010 - April 10th, 2010
"Surreal to Super Real"
Morgan Donohue, David Dziemian, Brian Edwards
February 13th, 2010 - March 11th, 2010
"Made of Dreams"
Danielle Andrews, Felicia Glidden, Michael Krasowitz
January 9th, 2010 - February 10th, 2010
Structural Esprit
Felicia Glidden, William Lindsay, Joe Zarra
December 12th, 2009 - January 7th, 2010
"Let Me Introduce You To"
Gordon Graff, Barbara A.G. Riddle, steven paul Riddle