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gallery hanahou
611 Broadway
Suite 730
New York, NY 10012
Venue Type: Gallery
Open hours
Monday through Friday 12pm-6pm

Located in the landmark Cable Building in the heart of Soho, gallery hanahou is newly established by CWC International, a creative agency for illustrators that has been operating in New York since 1999.

In our business of helping artists to express themselves through commercial media, we have increasingly come to desire a new way to encourage our artists to explore the furthest reaches of their creativity. We hope that gallery hanahou will be a venue through which we can introduce new dimensions of our artists’ work to the community.

We have also discovered many talented artists working in more diversified fields such as pop art, craft arts, and product design, whose work does not necessarily fit neatly into the commercial art business but is nonetheless deserving of exposure. Acting as a forum for these artists in addition to our own commercial artists, gallery hanahou will present the public with art in a dazzling array of forms: not only original paintings and prints, but also art toys, craft art, art products, and more. 

what does hanahou mean??

Hanahou is a Hawaiian phrase, usually written as two words—hana hou—which means “encore!” or “more!” In addition, hana by itself also means “creation” or “creativity.” We named our gallery “hanahou” with the mission of developing a space that will become a source of rampant creativity and will be appreciated by many people—and we hope to receive cries of “encore!” for the shows we put on!