Bucheon Gallery

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Something for everyone at Bucheon's "Coming Attractions"

by Dormain Geyer
My next stop was Bucheon Gallery, which was kicking off the new year with a preview of new works by artists familiar, such as Eckhard Etzold (below) and new: Various mediums are represented, including painting, assemblage and works on paper: Among the artists featured was Phillip Dvorak (below): The show, which is meant to emphasize narrative works, is largely figurative, but varies in mood from playful, to somber, to downright dark: The show, which includes work by Lordan Bunch... [more]
Posted by Dormain Geyer on 4/6/09

Memory and History

by Andy Ritchie
  Miriam Hitchcock and Sarah Ratchye, like two sides of a forked tongue, steer eccentrically from their common base, but it's a base nonetheless. Incidentally, being a) females, and b) painters, only begins to scratch it. A more specific and compelling intersection is the cut-and-paste way they both isolate and block-in compositions. Human figures and technological forms, too, are common points of interest. Wrinkles, in all their manifold details, appear an unlikely mantra to share; yet I... [more]
Posted by Andy Ritchie on 9/15/08