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A New Low of Ignorance or a New Height of Achievement?

by Ed Schad
  One of my favorite quotes, written early in the 20th century, long before the internet or wikipedia or social networking or Twitter or Youtube is this from T.S. Eliot: “The vast accumulation of knowledge – or at least of information --- deposited by the 19th century have been responsible for an equally advanced ignorance.” I always found these words particularly bitter because of what they must suggest about our present, where information has become not only instant by hyperdimensional... [more]
Posted by Ed Schad on 8/9/10

Artist Books

by Sasha Bergstrom-Katz
  MOCA at the Pacific Design Center currently has an exhibition of artist books.  Unfortunately the books are under glass vitrines, but you CAN watch the pages turn through MOCA's website at: - a virtual read. The exhibition features books by Sigmar Polke, Keith Haring, Olafur Eliasson, Michael Snow, Ray Johnson, Andy Warhol, Hans-Peter Feldman, Paul McCarthy/Jason Rhoades and more.   This exhibition does point out the issue with showing artist... [more]
Posted by Sasha Bergstrom-Katz on 1/5/09


by Farrah Karapetian
Turn the corner here after the first batch of closely hung frames you see, and you enter the embodiment of density… density to the max, as it were. Stuffed fabric drips from the frosted glass of high windows, almost meeting – at their tips – the tops of slick red and black stalagmites propped on matching bases with plywood that reads things like "the bride", "debthead", and "skulldragged." Spelunking through this little ecosystem and the materials of which it is composed – nail polish, Formica,... [more]
Posted by Farrah Karapetian on 7/6/08


  SUPERMAX 2008 makes a remarkable first impression. With a maximum-security prison as his touchstone, Sterling Ruby converts the MOCA gallery into a traumatic site of punishment – and an over-crowded one at that – filled with graffiti-covered plinths, spray-painted canvases, collages, glossy-drip stalagmites, and monumental wood diagonals. The result is a sort of maximalist institutional critique, by way of Michel Foucault’s . ... [more]
Posted by jenxuto on 8/8/08

A Look at Inside Architecture

by Nico Machida
Organized around a strange and compelling curatorial hypothesis—that depictions of architectural interiors in themselves constitute a pseudo-genre of contemporary artistic representation— reads as an idea in process that nonetheless seems resolute in its embrace of a single conceptual thread. Photographs form the exhibition’s armature; a few paintings and drawings are dispersed among these. Within the dominant category of photography, Candida Höfer’s airless, grave interiors stand beside the... [more]
Posted by Nico Machida on 3/16/08
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