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Physical Graffiti: War and Paint Collide in Leon Golub: Riot

by Bradley Rubenstein
I think of myself as a kind of reporter; I report on the nature of certain events. I think of art as a report on civilization at a certain time. —Leon Golub at Hauser & Wirth, in New York, presents a long overdue opportunity to see Golub’s paintings gathered together from several different bodies of work spanning a four-decade period. Showing Napalm I (1969) and Riot V (1987), Vietnam-era paintings, and several fine examples from his late Mercenaries series, this exhibition offers a... [more]
Posted by Bradley Rubenstein on 6/4/15

Origin of the world

Forty years ago, artist Ida Applebroog, mother of 4 took refuge at night in the one place of solitude: the bathtub.  As she soaked for several hours each evening, she drew her body, specifically her crotch in a series of sketch pads. The endeavor resulted in more than 160 vagina drawings. The year was 1969, she was  turning 40 years old, known by her married name Ida Horowitz, and unhappily living in San Diego. When she and her family returned to NY in 1974, the drawings were packed away and... [more]
Posted by Nathan Sensel on 2/26/10