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Painting the Times

by Paroma Maiti
Think 'Shuvaprasanna' and the first image that springs forth is that of crows. So regularly do these ash-black creatures appear on his canvas that it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that these somewhat unique representatives of the flavour of Calcutta have become the artist’s signature visual motif. I would go so far as to argue that through Shuvaprasanna’s work, these otherwise nondescript, even ugly birds, have finally found a solid footing in aesthetic credibility that had so far been... [more]
Posted by Paroma Maiti on 4/11/11

Jotting the Dreamscape

by Paroma Maiti
        For over four decades now, Ganesh Pyne has inarguably been the single most influential living artist in Bengal, exemplifying a rare combination of prolific talent and popular saleabilty. Known for a unique visual grammar molded from such varied influences as the Bengal School, Cubism, Rembrandt and Klee, Pyne’s works evince an arcane affect emerging from dreamy umbral depths.  The artist’s oeuvre has been underlined by a mytho-poetic fixation that Pyne has sought to manifest in a... [more]
Posted by Paroma Maiti on 12/20/10

Summer Standars

by Paroma Maiti
        “…Everybody has a summer holiday” and so does CIMA. Hence the show they have put together slated to run till the 14th of August, goes perfectly with the slow, unhurried, relaxed, and lazy mood of the scorching summer in the city. No one particular theme threads the many works of art on display, and thankfully, there is not even the pretense of such an attempt. The artworks belong mostly to well-established and familiar names of the art fraternity of the city and the nation at... [more]
Posted by Paroma Maiti on 6/7/10

Polke's Polkas

by Paroma Maiti
      Despite the sweltering heat, April has not been so cruel to Calcutta after all.  Some of the best works of the legendary Sigmar Polke are showing at the CIMA Art Gallery in collaboration with the Goethe-Institut.  The title of the show, “Music from an Unknown Source,” is borrowed from the caption of a Polke painting.  The show affords Calcutta the opportunity to view from up-close, not just Polke’s art, but also the politics that he either sought to promote or counter through his... [more]
Posted by Paroma Maiti on 4/28/10

Eclectic in Kolkata

by Paroma Maiti
        The current show at CIMA entitled ‘Symbols and Metaphors’ is an ensemble of 47 pieces by 27 artists from across India, whose works are knit together by the common theme of depicting “a subjective reality” through an “objective symbol.”  Considered from that perspective, the semiotics of this visual extravaganza cover a broad canvas of issues both contemporary and timeless.The participating artists, Hussain, Ganesh Pyne, Jogen Chowdhury, Samir Aich, and Paresh Maity among others,... [more]
Posted by Paroma Maiti on 3/29/10

Re-Presenting in Technicolor

by Dr. Rituparna Basu
In a conscious attempt to break free from the trammels of tradition and reinstitute old images in a more global contemporary context, the CIMA Gallery brings together the works of seventeen artists from a cooperative workshop in Kolkata with its show “In Search of a Context.”  The exhibition’s diverse works are united by the simple and powerful principle of reinterpretation: each piece is derived from the artist’s response to an earlier work by another artist.  In “Hirak Rajar Deshe (or Game of... [more]
Posted by Dr. Rituparna Basu on 12/29/09
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