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States of Departure: Progressives to Modern Day

Presenting 33 works on paper, this is a small, unusual show with an ambitious, but ambiguous title. 'States of Departure: Progressives to Modern Day’ forgets to clarify exactly what the 'Progressives' were trying to escape, and by what means was their output to be understood as 'progressive'. The result of this lack of engagement, therefore, presents a bizarre deadlock between the verbal summation and the physical content; the selection offered here largely contains conventional figurative... [more]
Posted by R Jh on 8/23/11

Our Space in Time

by Ashley Vaughan
         With its summer group exhibition, Space Invader, Aicon Gallery brings together seven international artists from the United Kingdom, Scotland, India and Pakistan—in an exploration of one of philosopher Gaston Bachelard’s most favorite points of discussion—space. The exhibition asks viewers to reflect on the ways in which the spaces around us are constantly changing, warping internally and externally in a digital age. It suffers from a lack of cohesion, with two floors of seemingly... [more]
Posted by Ashley Vaughan on 8/14/09