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The Present Afterlives of Richard Newton

by Jared Baxter
There are few places where history disappears faster than downtown Los Angeles.  Even the exact location of the original pueblo, to which this quarter owes its claim to being the city's oldest, has been lost to memory. It's known, at least, that Governor de Neve's original plans for the land called for streets running north-south and east-west, in keeping with the grid that has come to typify the megalopolis grown around the site in the 230 years since its founding. Yet the present-day streets... [more]
Posted by Jared Baxter on 10/6/11

Suspended Objecthood

by Marcus Civin
In his now oft-quoted essay, “Art and Objecthood,” published in Artforum, June, 1967, Michael Fried terms “literalist” what we now refer to as Minimalist. Fried advocates inscrutable art that defeats or at least suspends its own objecthood. Fried allies himself with Jules Olitski’s elusive sprays, Tony Smith’s thrusting overwhelm and Anthony Caro’s cantilevered wholly abstracted planes, but feels deeply dismayed by Donald Judd and Robert Morris. As Fried outlines it, Judd and Morris... [more]
Posted by Marcus Civin on 12/6/10

Art review: 'Supernatural' @ Jancar Gallery, by Christopher Knight

Art review: 'Supernatural' @ Jancar Gallery August 20, 2010 |  6:30 am The supernatural was a linchpin for art in every culture since time immemorial – at least until the science-infused modern era said, “Hold on.” The inflation of nature into something super, whether volcanoes as terrible pathways linking the underworld to the heavens, resurrection as a triumph over death or constellations as symbols of heroes and deities, typically served as a... [more]
Posted by Maya Lujan on 9/24/10

Antics and Escapades from L.A.'s rising art star - Jasmine Little

by Angela Lu
Spur of the Moment with Of-the-Moment Artist Jasmine Little Antics and Escapades from L.A.'s rising art star By Angela Lu   Jasmine Little, age 24 and one of the fastest rising stars of the L.A. art scene, is broke and about to be evicted. A few months ago, she found herself tucked in a little recess of the hipster bar Silverlake Lounge in Silverlake, Calif., an artsy, low-income suburb of Los Angeles, drawing tattoos on her friends' arms with colored sharpies for a... [more]
Posted by Angela Lu on 2/10/09

Virginia Katz at Jancar Gallery, Getting Lost in a World of Nuances

by David Pagel
January 11, 2008     Los Angeles Times   AROUND THE GALLERIES   By David Pagel, Special to The Times    At first glance, Virginia Katz's mixed-media works on paper resemble satellite images of the Earth's surface. Tiny lines, complex shapes and organic colors seem to describe mountains, valleys and plains as well as rivers, lakes and oceans. The details are so exquisite and convincing that it's tempting to stand back and try to determine what part of the world is being depicted: The... [more]
Posted by David Pagel on 1/31/08
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