White Space Beijing

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Re-existing Materials

by Iona Whittaker
He Xiangyu’s current installation dims the lights in White Space’s left-hand gallery. Previously the setting for a dynamic, obfuscatory piece by Yu Bogong, the space is now completely filled with over one hundred thick-set, rough-hewn wooden chairs; bare yellow light bulbs hanging singly from the ceiling drop an earthy, attractive light over this wide pool of furniture. Entering the room is at once an arresting and quasi-religious experience: one comes into contact with enticing darkness, the... [more]
Posted by Iona Whittaker on 4/25/11

Painting Peanuts

by Iona Whittaker
White Space Beijing is a big white cube of a gallery in Caochangdi. Downstairs are two large rooms, currently occupied by Chen Guangwu and Yu Bogong. Upstairs, the gallery is pleased also to have a smaller space available called ‘the Hub’ where they can show younger, less prominent artists’ work. On show now at the Hub are some works by Wang Min, a 36 year old painter. There are a number of small paintings to see here, some hung in a line, a couple on their own, and more grouped together in... [more]
Posted by Iona Whittaker on 2/14/11

Private Philosophies

by Edward Sanderson
In my review of (at Pékin Fine Arts), curated by Carol Yinghua Lu, I focused on the connection of that show to Lu’s work in general, and mentioned Yu Bogong’s At this Present Moment running concurrently at White Space Gallery, which Lu also curated and which I’ll focus on here. The spare surroundings of the White Space Gallery’s double-height room provides an appropriately ascetic setting for Yu Bogong’s collection of contraptions, arrangements, tools and drawings. The gallery is dominated at... [more]
Posted by Edward Sanderson on 3/21/11