Renate Albertsen-Marton Gallery - TV@G

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Bald and Beautiful Photography © Gureje Inc.
Renate Albertsen-Marton Gallery - TV@G
884-886 Pacific Street
Brooklyn, NY 11238
Venue Type: Gallery
Karen Hambrick
Open hours
1pm-8pm Wed, Thur, Fri, Sat
+01 718 857 2522
Gallery type
prints/books, street-art/graffiti/pop, contemporary, specialty/retail, design/decorative, international, collective/studios, experimental, performance, photography


FAQ about The Village @ Gureje:

What is The Village @ Gureje? - An all round hub for community activities ranging from serving as a meeting place for artists, local art organizations or groups, to product launching and development. It was founded in the year 2002.

Are you affiliated with GUREJE INC? - Yes, GUREJE INC is the parent company of The Village @ Gureje. All programs and events are supported mainly by proceeds from GUREJE INC.   What kind of programs does the Village offer? - We provide basic, but crucial support to artists through our residences in MUSIC, VISUAL ART and THEATER. All programs and events are prescribed and jointly approved by The Board of The Village @ Gureje. Our current residences include Kaoru Watanabe Taiko Center - offers twice a week with two classes each day in Taiko drum and other Japanese musical instruments.   How do I apply? - Residences and space use request are accepted quarterly and directly from local and international artists and art organizations.  All proposed requests must be accompanied by a bio of the artist, short introduction of the project, a completed application and time frame required for project completion. Can I rent the space? - The Village @ Gureje - Renate Albertsen-Marton Gallery is available for rentals. See our rental guide/overview for details. Long term space use are also available through the art residence program.


Is there a membership? - No, but a timeless relationships created by the impact sparked by common truth in goal binds all our visionaries as artists.

Are you hiring? - We hire employees as needed, but rely on our faithful volunteers and interns in carrying out most of our programs and events.

Do you have a website? Yes, but regrettably with limited updated information. Our product and services can also be accessed through other web portals e.g.

Who is Renate Albertsen-Marton? - Mother, Artist, German Diplomat, former Deputy Director of Gothe Institut, Lagos. Her contact nurtured and remains an inspiration as we dedicate most of our programs and events around the life she lived and worked relentlessly for. She lives on!

Can I access the gallery space information online? - Yes.
Gallery info can be accessed here

What kind of Artists do you show - Generally all artists, especially from various backgrounds and cultures. The artist's drive and or commitment and or dedication is an important consideration for a show. 

What else takes place at the Village? - Shared space initiatives, collaborations, Book Releases and Signing, Art Merchant /Vendors Market, Cultural Art Festivals and more are a huge support for the already burdened art community. Please sign up to receive our monthly e-campaign 

Is the art work in the gallery for sale? - The Gallery, per choice, represents various artists and art organizations the world over and open the gallery daily as scheduled featuring works of art from both artist that has been presented in our quarterly exhibition and sale and otherwise. Most of the the art work on display is for sale, except otherwise indicated.

Can I book/commission an artist through the Village? - Artists represented by the gallery are contacted through The Village @ Gureje for commission works, related projects and more.

Does the Village provide accommodation if I am from another city, state or country? - While we have been fortunate with the generosity of our patrons who have shouldered different hosting responsibilities, We do not provide accommodations for artist either locally or otherwise.

How do you get people to attend various events offered on behalf of Artists? - Gureje Inc. attracts people from all  cultural background, locally and internationally, hence developing relationships and a database of email addresses and other forms of contacts through patronage of our various one of a kind lifestyle products and services, especially our fashion products. Clients are reached through various email campaigns, as requested, and print media and enjoys participating when invited to these various programs and events. Our celebrity of artist who first caught our glimpse through their patronage also bring an added presence in different capacity.  
Are you affiliated with any other art organization? - Through a shared dedication to life through art, and the conscience thereof. No, we are not alone.


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