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Art Demographics

by Yaelle Amir
    In keeping with an increasingly common art practice of translating scientific and research data into visual forms, Jennifer Dalton’s works communicate with her audience on distinct levels. If you belong to the “inner” art circle—you are likely to relish and indulge in this rigorous display of art world information.  If you are a casual viewer, these works will reveal curious and foreign aspects of the art community. Dalton analyzes and archives contemporary culture—mining sources like... [more]
Posted by Yaelle Amir on 8/22/10

The Art World According to Shaq

by Charlie Schultz
      It may be obvious that curators in the art world would appear pretty ridiculous even attempting to moonlight as professional basketball players, but the reverse, it turns out, is not true: professional basketball players can, in fact, moonlight as curators. The Flag Art Foundation is responsible for revealing this perplexity, and the show Size DOES Matter, curated by Cleveland Cavalier Shaquille O’Neal, proves that pro-ball players do not play the curation game like curators... [more]
Posted by Charlie Schultz on 2/28/10