New York Studio School

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8 W. 8th St.
New York, NY 10011




The New York Studio School is a unique institution where drawing, painting, sculpture and art history are explored in depth. Embodying an attitude of seriousness, dedication and commitment to the rigors of becoming an artist, the School's demanding program develops the student's personal vision by a thorough examination of his or her perceptions.


Founded by students and artists, with a faculty of working painters and sculptors, the School provides students with access to a diversity of attitudes from the most distinguished artists in their fields. The community is united by a quest for quality in art, integrity in and intensity of research. It is a school based on the maxim: “Ambition for the work, not ambition for the career.”


The School is housed in a National Historic Landmark, the site of the original Whitney Museum of American Art. The many skylit studios are perfectly suited for painting, drawing and sculpture. Located in the heart of Greenwich Village, the School is closely situated to New York's many galleries and museums.