Indiana University

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107 S. Indiana Ave.
47405 Bloomington



Indiana University comprises eight campuses, including the residential campus at Bloomington, the urban campus at Indianapolis, and six regional campuses located in communities throughout the state. Eighty percent of Hoosiers are within an hour's drive of an IU campus. Visit a campus near you to find out about educational, cultural, and other opportunities that benefit Indiana citizens.

Arts Programs

Each of IU's eight campuses is a cultural resource for its community, offering a combination of music, art, theatre, and guest performers and speakers. The Bloomington campus in internationally known for the arts, with one of the world's top music schools and outstanding programs in fine arts, theatre and drama, and ballet. While many students major in the arts at IU, many others also develop an appreciation and love for the arts while studying on an IU campus. Explore arts and cultural activities on a campus near you.