ArtSlant's mylist feature allows you to create your own lists of favorite artists, artworks, galleries, exhibitions...

And share them, email them, print them or map them.

Please register on ArtSlant to use our mylist feature. Registration is quick and free!

To register click here

  • Just click the 'add to mylist' feature wherever you see it on our artwork, artist, calendar and other listings.
  • A dialog box will appear to name your mylist.
  • Add as many items to your list as you wish.
  • Click on the mylist button on the dropdown menu or on your MY PAGE.
  • Your mylists will appear.
  • All of your lists are available in the Refine box on the left.
  • Review or remove items from each list.
  • Now, email, print, or map by selecting those Actions on your list screen.
  • Create as many lists as you wish by giving each each a new name.
    • weekend itineraries
    • catalogue of favorites
    • plans for your aunt dot's visit
    • keep your jack or jill up to date