Summer 2015 Resident: Lara Atallah

Summer 2015 Resident: Lara Atallah is a New York-based artist interested in the role of photographic archives in the construction of historical narratives. In 2013, she started an ongoing project titled Tales of a Non-Country, which looks into the complex recent history of Lebanon. She holds an MFA in Photography from Parsons The New School for Design (2014), and has had her work exhibited in the U.S. and internationally.

Tales of a Non-Country started in 2013 is centered on the exploration of the disputed history of Lebanon. It has so far translated itself into multiple chapters that each take on a different visual language, from found photographs to still lives, slide projections to the documentation of the country's day to day.

The two months of the Georgia Fee residency in Paris will inaugurate a new chapter of the project focused on building an archive of testimonies from the Lebanese diaspora in Paris. With a heavy history that includes a 15-year civil war (1975-1990), it is estimated that 225,000 expats have elected France as their new home in the past few decades. Considering France's colonial history in Lebanon, these narratives would be framed in a context that traces the country's crisis back to the beginning of the twentieth century.


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