Franchise Two - "free size"

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© Courtesy of Apexart
Franchise Two - "free size"
Curated by: Logan Bay

291 Church Street
New York, NY 10013
March 3rd, 2010 - April 17th, 2010

Tue-Sat 11-6


Based on the idea of creating its own franchise, apexart held a worldwide open call for 250-word proposals asking participants why the franchise should come to their town and provide all of the support necessary to produce an exhibition.

As the art world adopts strategies from the world of business, cultural organizations have set up franchises around the globe. For the second year, apexart is joining this trend and setting up its own franchise in a new city. The Franchise competition is an opportunity for anyone from anywhere to create their own temporary apexart. For a four-week exhibition from March 13 - April 17, 2010, the winner will be the director, curator and/or staff of your own apexart franchise with a budget, a modest salary, and almost complete control. apexart provides the funding, along with the necessary guidance to make the curated exhibition happen. This includes an apexart brochure in an edition of 10,000 and its distribution around the world to more than 108 countries and a visit or two from us. The winning curator will also write an essay about the show. The Franchise is an opportunity to help bring an idea to fruition in a new place and to give someone an interesting opportunity. This year we will exclude people in large cities like New York, Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo from applying, and invite submissions from locations with less than 500,000 people. Places such as Moshupa or Priboj, Baton Rouge or L├╝beck, Cadiz or Az-Zawiyah, Heidelberg or Zinder.

For Franchise Two we received 243 exhibition proposals from 63 countries, and jurors submitted over 5,000 votes to identify a winner. We are pleased to announce that an exhibition to be located in Samut Sakhon, Thailand, authored by Logan Bay, has won.

The full proposal reads:

Opening Soon: apexart Thailand In a mass produced world of global goods, the act of creation is often lost or forgotten. Hidden machinery cranks and sweats out elements of our everyday life, yet we rarely glimpse into that world where ideas are physically forged. By bringing contemporary artists into a global manufacturing hub the realms of production and creation will exist in a simultaneous space. With the allotted budget we would transform a small factory into an active generator of creative capital. Inviting four artists to participate in a residency where they work directly in the factory along side employees creating works of art and transforming the factory space. Making this franchise of apexart more than a passive spectacle of viewing art. Samut Sakhon is provincial town that houses many factories. Over the past decades Thailand has worked to become a producer of exportable goods and inexpensive items for domestic use. While the machinery of manufacture is abundant, many of the products are designed elsewhere. This exhibition would work to foster a sense that industrial spaces can also be incubators for creative thought and social evolution. Initial list of prospective artists to invite: Cody Hudson, Seri Pop, Jen Stark, Douglas Young, Juan Angel Chavez, Paul B. Davis