In Williamsburg

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© Courtesy of Fleetwing Gallery
In Williamsburg

111 Grand St. Brooklyn
New York, NY 11211
January 8th, 2010 - March 7th, 2010
Opening: January 8th, 2010 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

photography, installation, sculpture


"In Williamsburg" is an exploration of the influence of place on an array of artistic sensibilities. All nine of the artists in the show have a connection to Williamsburg, an area of Brooklyn that for nearly three decades has been a place of creative ferment. Their interaction with the neighborhood may be ongoing as their place of habitation and/or the location of their studio or may have come at a certain point in their artistic development. What this show seeks to illuminate are the ways in which these artists have responded to this particular place and how its effect is evident in their work.

The architecture of Williamsburg has been a fascination for several of the artist's in the show. What has been a constant in Williamsburg is the ever-changing appearance of the area, especially accelerated in the last decade. No longer known primarily as an area of industrial artist's lofts and deserted streets it has become an international hotspot for the hip well-to-do, giving rise to sleek, new condominiums that often jostle cheek to jowl with older more ramshackle buildings and construction sites.

Such a state of constant flux has created a hodgepodge of architectural styles to strange and sometimes comic effect. Abstract paintings by Mike Childs reference the strange geometries created by these cityscapes, while Stacy Fisher works in three dimensions to create sculptures that also suggest urban abstraction.

Tracy Lane takes photos out of her apartment windows to capture the changing skyline that surrounds her place of abode in East Williamsburg. Mark Masyga uses a panoramic format to investigate the strangely beautiful and comic details that adorn what might otherwise be thought of as eyesore construction sites. The works of Rosie Cutler and Joel Adas focus on the strange scenery that festoons Williamsburg rooftops while Kerry Law paints the interaction of architecture and nature to be found in the area from direct observation. Christopher Johnson also takes a painterly approach to the varying appearances of the neighborhood. Peter Brauch creates site-specific installations that echo the geometries, colors and raw materials of the terrain that surrounds them. Whether the influence of Williamsburg manifests itself directly or indirectly on the creative processes of the artists in the show, all share a strong connection to the area. "In Williamsburg" seeks to create a documentation of this dialogue through a variety of approaches and artistic temperaments.