East Hollywood Street Series

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still from Normal, 2008 Digital Video 5 Min. © 2008
East Hollywood Street Series
Curated by: Michael Lieberman

138 Baldwin Street
Johnson City, NY 13790
November 15th, 2009 - December 5th, 2009

other (outside main areas)
Saturdays, 12-3
digital, installation, video-art, conceptual, landscape, modern


A book of videos is like a book of photos; each video in the series is a separate work, but together they form a greater whole, a more comprehensive view of their subject—in this case, the streets of East Hollywood.

Each of the videos in East Hollywood Street Series is composed of a single, static shot that reveals a different street in the neighborhood, its particular rhythms, sounds and silences. Over all of the videos, we get a sense not only of the staggering varieties of light in Los Angeles, but of how different each location is from one another, even though they are so close together that you can literally hear the traffic of one street intruding upon the sounds of the next.

The street series comes out of a desire to make a portrait of Los Angeles, but its small scale and simple means makes it life-sized as opposed to monumental, a study of a neighborhood, not a city symphony.

These videos pay homage to the earliest filmmakers, the Lumiere Brothers, whose static camera works defined film form for its first decade, but they owe an even greater debt to the experimental music practice of making “field recordings.” In many ways, sound is actually primary in these works, making them illustrated audio recordings.

Like a record, or again, a book of photos, the videos need not be viewed in order. Favorite videos, like favorite songs, can be played again and again.

To date, there are 7 videos in the series: Normal, Melrose, Vermont, Madison, Monroe, Clinton and Santa Monica (each video is named for the street that it depicts). They can be seen on the internet here and here.