Th Land, The Twilight, The Offerings

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Th Land, The Twilight, The Offerings

414 Van Brunt Street
Brooklyn, NY 11231
November 22nd, 2009 12:00 PM - 8:00 PM

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Join us for an afternoon of music, ceremony and breaking bread as we celebrate all that has been and all that will arrive, as fall turns to winter and the twilight draws earlier...

- At 4:30pm Adolfo Ibanez & Raul "Beto" Quintanilla are performing their new project, REENCUENTRO EN EL CLAROSCURO" ("Encounter with Twilight")

Adolfo and "Beto" first played together in their homeland of Cusco, Peru 10 years ago. After their last meeting, Adolfo went on to study the popular "chicha music"of Cusco and played with "Los Puma de San Jeronimo" in traditional festivals around the Cusco area. "Beto" arrived in the United States in 2002 where he discovered bluegrass style music. When Beto began mixing bluegrass with melodies from Andean pop, a hybrid style he calls "latingrass" was born. Beto's "latingrass" project "Rojos Calientes" is popular throughout the Denver Colorado music scene. Adolfo and Beto, reunited after 10 years, are proud to present "REENCUENTRO EN EL CLAROSCURO" , a newly-formed collaborative project that blends the rhythms of North and South American Music into a new style they're calling "Chicha-Grass".

- At 6:30pm Jennifer Zackin & Adolfo Ibanez will be screening "Ayni=Reciporcidad, Q'osqo"

Watch the video by Adolfo & Jennifer paying homage to the spiritual traditions of Peru. See Don Mariano and his family creating a Despacho. A "Despacho Ceremony is a spiritual process for the Andean people to strengthen their harmony, reciprocity & reverence for Pachamama (the mother land) and the Apus (mountains). The Andean Priest performs the Despacho Ceremony as they are the keepers of the ancient knowledge of the natural world. The Despacho is an offering meant to nourish the natural world as well as protect the human world. The Despacho is central to Andean Beliefs and is a microcosm representing every aspect of life in the Andes. It is a ceremonial art form similar to the Tibetan Sand Mandala Ritual.

Local artist will be selling their art and crafts all day in the garden. Beautiful hand crafted jewelry, leather items, prints available.

- homemade, handcrafted empanadas of Guillermo Torres
- soul warming punch and other refreshments available