Wire & Can Pieces-Selected Works 1981-1991

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Wire & Can Pieces 1981-1991, Oct.15th/Nov.14th Wire,Carpet,Tacks, Graphitte On Canvas © C
Wire & Can Pieces-Selected Works 1981-1991
Curated by: Rodrigo Salomon

83 Leonard Street
4th Floor
New York, NY 10013
October 15th, 2009 - November 14th, 2009
Opening: November 15th, 2009 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM

Only by appointment
Expressionist, photography, graffiti/street-art


Salomon Arts is pleased to announce Leonard Rosenfeld’s exhibition, entitled “Wire
& Can Pieces,” selected works from 1981 to 1991.
In Leonard’s own words: “In 1981, I wrapped the stretcher bar with strips of
canvas, I mummified it. I found a piece of electric wire on the floor. I nailed the
wire onto the stretcher bar using carpet tacks. I liked the way it looked and did it
until the wire pushed the strips of canvas off the stretcher. At first, I used only
black and white wire as in the wire piece titled 'MX Chief.' After making some
black and white wire pieces, I started to use colored wire. Sometimes other
materials joined the wire, like cotton, silk, or fur. And the carpet tacks began to
play another role."
In 1984, a reviewer wrote of the black and white works, "How much Leonard
Rosenfeld can accomplish and how dazzling it can look by just using tacks and
black and white wire is truly remarkable...It is what Rosenfeld wants to say in his
use of abstract design schemes and primitive forms, this combination of the
Neolithic and modern technology that focuses on that long adventure of man that is
civilization. ..."
Rosenfeld is "a painter’s painter.” Assembling a series of artifacts onto a
stretcher, he conjures up primitive forms with new found objects. He manages to
capture images inside a frame by creating the illusion of a graffiti man veiled inside
a graffiti three-dimensional wall. By breaking up a two-dimensional space with
wires, cans, tacks, abstract colors and forms he realizes his vision and transport us
into his expressionist world.
Ivan C. Carp once stated, “Leonard Rosenfeld has consistently shown broad,
inventive powers and a natural ability to integrate diverse and seeming conflictive
elements and images.

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