Recessive Traits--in the absence of the dominant element

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LittleRedBk0610_Diptych, 2006 Photography 40x30 Inches © Heungman
Recessive Traits--in the absence of the dominant element
Curated by: Natalie Chan

473 Broadway, 7th floor
New York , NY 10013
November 1st, 2009 - November 30th, 2009
Opening: November 5th, 2009 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

212 274 8993
Tuesday - Saturday 10 - 6 PM/ Summer hours are Mon - Fri 10 AM - 6 PM


This upcoming group show, Recessive Traits–in the absence of the dominant element, will be held at Broadway Gallery, New York, from 11/1-11/30/2009.

The show includes two parts: Part I from 11/1-11/15/2009 and Part II from 11/16-11/30/2009. Each part will exhibit the work of 10 to 12 artists. The opening dates will be announced soon.

A Best of New York Project by Broadway Gallery, Recessive Traits exhibits photographs that lack information derived from facial expressions—the dominant element that delivers the most direct message in a photograph. In the absence of this dominant element, the photograph’s recessive traits are unmasked and deeper meanings emerge. The selected photographs involve a range of subjects, from figurative images, to urban landscape, to still‐life objects. They are united in demanding that the viewers abandon traditional modes of interpretation to derive their meaning. The group show contains two parts. Each part features the works of 10‐12 artists.

The artists include both award‐winning and emerging photographers. In part I, we present the works of Jessica Bruah, Ivy Finkelstein, Heungman, Gabriela Herman, Katie Humphries, Christina Kerns, Kotaro Okada, Ahndraya Parlato, and Nat Ward. In part II, we present the works of Magda Biernat, Natalie Chan, Marten Elder, Katherine Finkelstein, Sigurj.n Gu.j.nsson, William Knipscher, Savanna Sakry, Kelly Shimoda, Elizabeth Weinberg and Carl Wooley.

Curatorial Statement

When we look at a photograph, we read the expression on the subject’s face. It provides emotional information, enabling us to understand the photographer’s intentions. The facial expression that delivers the most direct message is considered the dominant element in interpreting a photograph.

In biology, a recessive trait is one that is only expressed in the absence of a dominant gene. When present, dominant genes mask the recessive. Similarly, the dominant interpretation implied by facial expression minimizes the subtle implications hidden in a photograph.

In this group show, we have selected photographs that lack information derived from facial expressions. In the absence of this dominant element, the photograph’s recessive traits are unmasked and deeper meanings emerge.

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