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From the Window, 2004 Oil On Canvas 96 X 84 In

525 West 26th Street
New York, NY 10001
August 15th, 2007 - September 15th, 2007

Tuesday to Friday from 10 to 5:30

During the summer months, George Adams Gallery will present Inside / Outisde, a two-part group exhibition in the main gallery. Part one, Inside, surveys the representation of interior spaces and includes paintings by Jack Beal, Joan Brown, Amer Kobaslija, Andrew Lenaghan, and James Valerio. Part two, Outside, deals with landscapes and cityscapes and features paintings by James Barsness, Roy De Forest, Amer Kobaslija, Andrew Lenaghan, Joyce Treiman, and James Valerio, as well as a drawing and sculpture by Robert Arneson.

In addition to the general theme of interiors, the works included in the exhibition Inside make parallel inquiries into mark making, self-portraiture, and iconography.  For example, both Jim Valerio and Amer Kobaslija in Studio Exit (2003) and Janitor’s Closet (2007), respectively, depict a mopped floor, with the mop becoming an analogy for the painter’s brush and the abstract swirls a reference to paint itself. The skewed perspective in Kobaslija’s claustrophobic interior also resonates in Joan Brown’s intersecting planes of patterned floor and figure in Woman Waiting in a Theater Lobby (1975), while Andrew Lenaghan’s life-size self-portrait Planet of the Apes II (2007) and Jack Beal’s Self-Portrait with Rudbeckias and Daylillies (1988) make use of mirrors as compositional devices.

Part II, Outside, includes Jim Barsness, Roy De Forest and Joyce Treiman in addition to several of the artists from the first exhibition.  Somewhat uncharacteristically, Kobaslija and Valerio are each represented by a cityscape, while Lenaghan and Treiman portray the beauty of the seashore.  In contrast, Arneson, Barsness, and De Forest present a more fantastic view of suburban and rural life.

Concurrently, in the Drawing Gallery there will be a series of exhibitions titled Dialogues pairing related works by gallery artists. First up is Heads, which includes sculptures by Robert Arneson, Lesley Dill, and Michael Ferris. This exhibition will be followed by Politics As Usual, a presentation of politically inspired drawings and prints by Robert Arneson, Enrique Chagoya, David Fox, and Peter Saul. The third and final exhibition in the series is The Enigmatic Object, which will include small-scale sculptures by Robert Arneson, Yoan Capote, Ron Nagle and H.C. Westermann.