Tactical Support: Curator's Choice

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Strange Birds (The immigration of the Waxwing to Central Europe in the year 2004), 2006 Silver Gelatin Prints 25 1/2 X 18 1/2 Inches Each
Tactical Support: Curator's Choice

55 Hester Street
New York, NY 10002
May 8th, 2009 - July 31st, 2009

Closed since August 2016
mixed-media, photography, digital, installation, video-art, conceptual, sculpture



Curator’s Choice

9 May – 31 July 2009


Curators: Anthony Huberman, Trevor Smith, Benjamin Weil


Anthony Huberman is the Chief Curator of The Contemporary Arts Museum St. Louis.


Shannon Bool was born in Vancouver and is based in Berlin. Her work focuses on the relevance of the ornament in contemporary culture, and her drawings, sculptures, photograms, installations, paintings and collages merge found imagery with handmade patterns. The collages and painted photographs in this exhibition use designs from the 1920s and pictures found in a flea market.


Ana Cardoso was born in Lisbon and based in New York. As a painter, she connects formal problems with physical ones by experimenting with materials, surfaces, and sculptural objects. Painted on stretched fabric and shown alongside a bare fluorescent bulb on the ground, her work in the exhibition addresses the coherence, difference, and dysfunctionality of an image.


Jochen Lempert lives and works in Germany. Trained as a zoologist, he has devoted himself to animal photography. Similar to the process of scientific fieldwork and documentation, his series of images give order to nature, albeit with humor and poetry.


Sriwhana Spong lives and works in Auckland, New Zealand.  Using a Super 8 camera, she captures the lights, shadows, and organic geometries of the natural world. Spong's films represent a personal, fragile, melancholic, but playful appreciation of time passing.

Trevor Smith is the Curator of Contemporary Art at the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, MA.


“Projection Impossible”

Richard Grayson lives and works in London. Grayson is an artist, writer, and curator whose work has long played with questions of communication and desire. In particular, recent work explores the extreme visions through which religious cults imagine ways the world ends.
Sarah Kabot lives and works in Cleveland. Kabot employs a variety of materials to explore the ordinary or unnoticed details of common objects, overlooked communities and familiar spaces. Employing perspective shifts to architectural features or common objects, our attention subtly shifts and the overlooked can become extraordinary.

Joanna Malinowska lives and works in New York .In 2006, Malinowska made a journey to Baffin Island in the Canadian Arctic to follow in the footsteps of Franz Boas, arguably the father of American anthropology, who was one of the first Western scholars to study the Inuit.

Christian Tomaszewski lives and works in New York. He has been predominately working in multi-media installation that amplify cinematic mood and texture into architectural and sculptural modes. His use of oblique metaphor and formal suggestion is activated by the movement of a viewer through constructed spaces or between images. His works refuse, even attack, narrative in order to open space for allusive evocative associations.  

Suzanne Treister currently lives and works in London. Treister's practice deals with notions of identity, history, power and the hallucinatory. She utilizes various media including video, the internet, interactive technologies, photography, drawing and painting.

All the works deal in some way with the leap of imagination as a leap of faith – they are in some senses impossible projections, whether they be physical, psychological, historical, or religious.

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Benjamin Weil is the creator of Hermes "H" Box and a freelance curator and writer currently living in Paris and Venice.

Isola and Norzi were born in Italy and live in New York. They have been developing and researching various modes of expression through sculpture and multi-media installation. Their four-handed artistic endeavor explores different fields of representation as light distortion directly on expositive sites or semantic manipulation of common objects.

The twin film makers Gianluca and Massimiliano De Serio have been collaborating since 1999 and have produced over fifteen single and multi-channel portraits, which have been presented in international exhibitions and film festivals alike. The gallery presents A Star Love (an anagram of Salvatore, the protagonist), part of the "Trilogy of Love", a series of work on love and its implication for the soul in relationships between people living with physical handicaps. This includes fragments of a potentially infinite network of feelings, social structures, exclusion and attempts at integration. Their subjects live in an apartment in Turin managed by a social cooperative which tries to organize their daily lives and help them at various social levels.

Alberto Tadiello is a keen observer of daily life, and is interested in revealing otherwise invisible aspects, such as the flow of electricity in a building or the one of sap in a tree.  Making the process of his work visible is another important concern.  These two key operating principles are present in his installations and drawings.  Tadiello's work has received significant attention in Europe in the past couple of years.  He participated in the 2008 Triennale di Torino, and well as in numerous group shows in Italy and France.  The artist was recently awarded the much coveted Furla prize.  Tadiello was born in Vicenza in 1983.  He lives and works in Venezia, where he has a teaching position in the visual arts department at Università IUAV.