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"Cityscape Abstracts No. 5", 2017 Photo Based Imagery 16" X 20" © Joshua Greenberg
"HUMILITY", 2017 Gold Leaf And Egg Tempra On Board 12" X 24" Approx. © Rosemary Lyons
"Satan's Crown Jewel", 2017 Acrylic On Panel 20" X 16" © Michael Reck
"Katrina's Banner for Prituri", 2017 Digital Art 46" X 72" © Sarah Riley
"Above the world there was only blue", 2017 Oil On Paper 26" X 34" © Meredeth Turshen
"White China", 2017 Pastel, White Chalk And Charcoal 24" X 36" © Arlene Finger
Curated by: Vernita Nemec

548 West 28th St (6th Floor, Suite # 632)
10001 New York City
January 2nd, 2018 - January 27th, 2018
Opening: January 4th, 2018 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

(212) 414-4040
Tue-Sat 12-6
free admission



January 2-27, 2018

Reception Thursday January 4, 6-8pm

 JOSHUA GREENBERG, Rosemary K. Lyons,

 ARLENE FINGER, Sarah Riley,

MICHAEL RECK, MeredEth Turshen

Chelsea NY: Viridian Artists is pleased to present an exhibition of outstanding art by six artists who are part of Viridian Artists’ Affiliate program.  The work of each artist contains a complexity of intents and outcomes yet all approach their vision in a unique manner.

JOSHUA GREENBERG uses photo-based imagery to create abstract art. In Cityscape Abstracts, he explores the use of concrete, glass and steel to make abstraction. Alleyways, buildings, and sunlight are captured and transformed into art with shadows, reflections, and variable textures providing a framework to view the busy abstraction of the city. Varying shades of gray, black and white highlight movement and frame the isolated beauty of city landscapes. For the artist, this series illustrates how photo-based imagery may help extend the use of less explored dimensions of photography to create contemporary art.


Rosemary K. Lyons’ “Alter Pieces” is an ongoing series inspired by early medieval altar pieces. Painted in the ancient technique using egg tempera, hers carry a modern twist that electrifies our cultural disconnect by portraying beautiful flowers with evocative words embossed in bas relief gold structures. Lyons states, “the words are from an internal dialogue about my existence as an artist.”


ARLENE FINGER has developed her own form of representation after carefully studying light and shadow. She is interested in the color and the play of shapes, but feels free to interpret reality in her own way. Whether looking out the window or portraying objects on the table the artist’s personal vision inhabits the work.


Michael Reck states "Working with stencils and spray paint has freed me from overthinking composition and allowed me to focus on experimenting with color and the variable nature of the medium.  I simply continue adding layers until I arrive at the final image.  Being unable to see through the stencils keeps me from knowing exactly what that image will be."


Sarah Riley’S subject matter comes from literature, history & memory that she develops by repeatedly layering different images, created on the computer, with scans of my drawings, paintings and prints manipulated in the computer.  ‘Katrina’s Banner for Prituri’ evolved from a banner made for Katrina Guittar’s dance piece “Prituri. A digital piece, it can be printed on many materials from as large as 9 feet in length down to postage stamp size. “The piece is emotional and I have used many of my past images of Camille Claudel and Seraphine de Senlis, Oppression. Sublimation. Transcendence. There is life in mental institutions, and art cut tragically short. I had the feeling of a ceiling by Tiepolo in mind. ”The artist goes on to say “Obviously this piece is saying something that is very difficult to put into words.”


Meredeth Turshen creates striking oil paintings on paper that can be interpreted as summery landscapes or read as abstract works. Inspired by Paul Cézanne, the nineteenth century Post-Impressionist painter, Turshen layers delicate oil colors on graphite drawings, giving the work character and depth.


VIRIDIAN'S AFFILIATE PROGRAM is one of the many ways in which VIRIDIAN continues its mission of supporting the art of outstanding "underknown" artists.


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