Swiss Artist Zimoun Opens Alfstad& Contemporary’s 5th Season

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Swiss Artist Zimoun Opens Alfstad& Contemporary’s 5th Season
Curated by: Zimoun

1419 5th Street
34236 Sarasota
November 3rd, 2017 - December 22nd, 2017



Swiss Artist Zimoun Unveils Site Specific Installation to Open Alfstad& Contemporary’s 5th Season

Exhibition Inaugurates a New, Totally Reimagined Artspace in Sarasota

Alfstad& Contemporary presents the inaugural show of its fifth season, the eponymously-titled, Zimoun, featuring a site-specific installation, as well as two prints created by the internationally acclaimed Swiss artist. The exhibit runs through December 22nd.

Zimoun combines raw, industrial material with mechanical elements, often using multiples of the elements to examine the creation and deterioration of patterns. Exhibited around the world, his sound sculpture and installation art have been called, "mechanized works of playful poetry."

"I am particularly interested in the interplay between a simplicity of materials and mechanical systems and a visual and acoustic complexity evolving out of this systems, once they are set in motion," says Zimoun.

"We are thrilled to open our fifth season - and inaugurate a new artspace in Sarasota - with Zimoun's work," says Sam Alfstad. "Zimoun is cutting edge and so is the renovated Alfstad& Contemporary gallery. Both will surprise and delight art lovers."

"Zimoun's process of creating art from common-place functional components is sneaky smart, brilliantly masterful," says Alfstad. "He calls this exhibition '208 Prepared DC-Motors, Cotton Balls, Cardboard Boxes 20" x 20" x 20" and Two Prints,' and its combination of size and sound is guaranteed to activate viewers' senses in unique and unexpected ways."

Zimoun has been experimenting - next to a wide range of other simple industrial materials - with cardboard for years. His signature squares of brown cardboard, small electrical motors and thin wires combine to create the visual and aural art showcased in the new Alfstad& Contemporary installation.

"Imagine a wall of cardboard boxes, stacked on one side of the gallery, not straight, but with slight variations. Each box has one motor and an equal amount of power," says Zimoun. "In theory, each box should react the same, but it doesn't. Each reacts differently because the motors and the used materials add behavior - each doing its own business. Individuality is growing out of the mass."

The Alfstad& Contemporary Zimoun installation, measures 44-feet by 14-feet and utilizes DC-motors, cotton balls, metal, tape, wire and power sources. The 208 cardboard boxes dominate the left side of the newly revamped gallery. The artist notes that, though not immediately discernible, the installation is constantly changing in the microstructures of its behavior.

In his printmaking, Zimoun displays two new, limited-edition prints created in collaboration with Alfstad& Contemporary's studio. Both are studies of moments extracted from videos of experiments done in the studio.

One print shows five black hoses, stopped in frozen poses. The variations within the movements are caused by compressed air being pumped into the hoses, creating an endless variety of forms. The different forms are captured in 189 single images, stacked in nine rows of photos on the print.

The second print consists of small black paper particles bouncing on a vibrating table, powered by the sounds of a speaker placed underneath. Each frame captures the tiny pieces as they move around the surface and into air. This print also contains 189 single images.

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