Emma's Basement

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"The Good, The Bad," , 2008 Acrylic On Canvas 90 1/4 X 53 1/2" © Kravets/Wehby Gallery
Variation of a Love Supreme , 2009 Acrylic On Canvas 77 ½ X 44 ½" © Kravets/Wehby Gallery
Emma's Basement

521 W. 21st St
Ground Floor
New York, NY 10011
February 26th, 2009 - April 4th, 2009

Tues-Sat 11am -6pm

The Kravets/Wehby Gallery is pleased to announce Emma's Basement, a solo exhibition of new paintings by Nina Chanel Abney.
Nina Chanel Abney persistently tackles everything from politics and history to culture, literature and fame. For her second solo exhibition at the gallery Nina continues her bold panoramic style and infuses it with a classic ethical debate. Emma's Basement juxtaposes literature with underground culture to arrive at a utopian society. Nina's title alludes to Flaubert's enduring heroine, Emma Bovary, whose character reflects recurrent themes of repression and illusion vs. reality.
...Emma's Basement and this covert culture is all imagined. This is not a real place. It's a place and group I've created based on the lives of others, stories I've been told, etc. Emma's basement is an obscure place where people partake in things that are considered taboo. The secret group of people who go there would be publicly unaccepted by society. They act upon and/or say the things that most have been conditioned to be ashamed of or fearful of. They have not been influenced by outside sources and are able to act in response to what their "inner voice" tells them instead of what society/tradition tells them. So in a way they represent a person in its purest form.
--Nina Chanel Abney on Emma's Basement
Nina Chanel Abney's work is currently on view in 30 Americans at the Rubell Family Collection in Miami, FL. Her work can also be seen in The Glamour Project at Lehmann Maupin in Chelsea as well as in New York Group Show at LMD galerie in Paris. A feature article about Nina appeared in the November 2008 issue of W Magazine. Her work has also been written about in various publications including The New York Times and the Miami Herald. She recently received her MFA from Parson’s School of Design.