Wild Places in Urban Spaces

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Urban Wilderness, Composition 3: Rooftop Garden, 2016 C Print 30" X 40" © Christopher Woodcock
Ohio no. 2 Acrylic Paint On Canvas 22 X 24" © Ferdinanda Florence
Rincon Leaf Map Glass, Vitreous Enamel, Steel 21 X 10 X 3" © Elin Christopherson
The Hexapodarium: Echinacea pervolavi, 2016 Pigment Print On Moab Metallic Pearl 16 X 40" © Gail Wight
Find Us in the Scattering of Pigeons, 2016 Wax Pencil On Paper 16 X 14" © Christina Empedocles
King Tides and Elusive Rails, installation view detail, 2016 Cardboard, Paper And Mixed Media With Sound Loop, 2016 7' X 12' , Variable
Guiding Light Monotype 23 X 38" © Jessica Dunne
Antediluvian, 2016 Oil On Canvas 24 X 36" © Kathryn St. Clair
Farallon Watercolor, Gouache, Ink On Paper 60 X 39" © Jeffrey Long
Gone Hollywood, 2016 Ink Drawing On Paper 35 X 49" © Ruth Santee
Ocean Beach/Giant Camera, 2016 Archival Pigment Print, Image Made With Custom Scanner Camera 30 X 40" © Holden Schultz
The Garden Grows: Clematis Salvaged Recycled Materials Dimensions Variable © Karrie Hovey
Wild Places in Urban Spaces

337 Georgia Street
Vallejo, California 95490
September 14th, 2016 - October 9th, 2016

Other (outside main areas)
Weds - Fri 11 to 5, Sat 11 to 3
painting, landscape, drawing, sculpture, photography, installation, conceptual


Wild Places in Urban Spaces features the work of artists whose work explores ways that natural, or wild, habitat and biology interface with our built environment. The exhibition coincides with the 3rd annual Visions of the Wild Film and Art Festival, presented by the United States Forest Service in Vallejo, California.

The featured artists have spent much of their careers investigating places where humans have settled, delving into and probing the results, and they have concerned themselves with laying out highly individual responses in their art. Celebratory, critical, humorous, scathing, cautionary, speculative, or beautifully descriptive: all of these appraisals and others will be found in the diverse and unexpected expressions of their scrutiny.

Ten artists were chosen from among dozens of Bay Area artists working in this theme, to create an artwork for inclusion in the US Forest Service Permanent Art Collection.These artworks, along with additional work by the selected artists, are showcased in the exhibition. Wild Places also features two artists known for their installation work concerning this topic, who were invited to create installations in the gallery especially for the exhibition and festival.

Visions of the Wild Film and Arts Festival is an annual event presented by the United States Forest Service, whose Pacific Southwest Regional Headquarters are located on Mare Island in Vallejo, California. The festival will take place in downtown Vallejo September 15th through 18th, the week following the openings of the art exhibitions.

The festival features films, speakers, and field trips, as well as the art exhibitions, all designed around the festival theme. This year’s theme, Wild in the City, explores our relationship with urban and suburban habitats, wildlife, and environment, in conjunction with the question of how "wild places" are perceived and sustained in these shared spaces. Find out more at