Deconstruction in the Virtual World: Building Peace by Piece

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General Invite for Deconstruction in the Virtual World: Building Peace by Piece, 2015 © Ellen Sandor
Deconstruction in the Virtual World: Building Peace by Piece

November 3rd, 2015 - November 14th, 2015

virtual reality, Virtual photography, virtual sculpture, PHSColograms, new media installation, architecture, sculpture, photography, installation


The architecturally themed PHSColograms in the exhibition reveal a trajectory toward varied and rich virtual worlds made possible by Ellen Sandor’s aesthetic vision. In collaboration with (art)n, Sandor bridges the physical attempts at Virtual Reality in the past (such as Renaissance perspective drawings) to the completely computer generated imagery of today.  Through the examination and deconstruction of architectural icons in Starchtiects Revisited to theunrealized plans of Bruce Goff and Antonio Gaudi alongside a nod to the future in Townhouse Revisited, the exhibition constitutes a subtle plea for peace, while Holocaust in Memorium recognizes the sacredness of the human experience.  Further experimentation of Starchitects Revisited with the Oculus Rift invites viewers to engage with the deconstructed works, building a new direction for the migration of aesthetic content to future digital platforms – peace by piece. This kind of subtle political and humanist content has existed in the works of (art)n since its inception.