Eron Surdam & David Jacobs @ Switch

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All American Oil On Canvas 5' X 8'
Eron Surdam & David Jacobs @ Switch
Curated by: Shelley Holcomb

446 S. Main St.
Los Angeles, CA 90013
January 8th, 2009 - February 8th, 2009
Opening: January 30th, 2009 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM

downtown/east la
Wed. - Sat. 12-7pm
USC (University of Southern California)
contemporary, conceptual, pop, figurative, modern


SWITCH Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of works by two Los Angeles based artists, David Jacobs and Eron Surdam. The works of these artists are a mix of iconic imagery and abstract forms that reference biological and sociological structures.

 David Jacobs is a Los Angeles born artist who is currently finishing up his education at the University of Southern California as a fine arts major. Much of his work focuses on the current views of science today and its relationship to existence. In general his paintings are concentrated on certain philosophies of reality and human mindsets, while exploring the many facets of social interaction and ideas of existence. His inspiration also stems from his explorations of universal interconnectivity, the interactions of the micro and macro worlds, and often times deals with aspects of science such as quantum physics, biology, astrophysics, and wave particle duality. Such a vast concept allows the artist to work in a wide range of medium including oils, beeswax, and video. Most of his paintings can be seen as abstractions. David's abstractions portray what can be seen as biological or non-biological entities, as it is not this artists' intention to make up the mind of the viewer and leave any perception to be based on the viewer's personal interpretation.

Eron Surdam's work deals with the state of society and the politics which have lead to it becoming a consumers world, produced by mass media and popular culture. Mass media has affected different forms of art, music, art and literature, influencing them to a point where they have been damaged in their interpretation. By using images from popular culture and mass media Surdam is able to reach a broad audience, attempting to reach out and change these ideals and values of a consumerist culture. Eron Surdam was born on May 9, 1986 in Culver City. He is currently completing his degrees at the University of Southern California.

 SWITCH is an experimental art gallery in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. Our artists are precocious, extraordinarily talented, and vying together to shake the inner-city art scene. Located in the center of Gallery Row and the monthly downtown art walk, we enjoy presenting a fresh, young perspective of contemporary art to the public; SWITCH takes a different approach.