This Particular Patch

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This Particular Patch
This Particular Patch
This Particular Patch
This Particular Patch
This Particular Patch
Curated by: Lucas Bucholtz

55 Ninth Street
Brooklyn, New York 11215
January 17th, 2014 - February 2nd, 2014

Please see website for exhibition information.
painting, sculpture, installation, performance


Once you’ve become a part of this particular
patch, you’ll never love another. Like loving a
woman with a broken nose, you may well find
lovelier lovelies, but never a lovely so real.

                                                                                  – Nelson Algren


This Particular Patch is an exhibition featuring some of the most exciting painters, printmakers, and sculptors currently working in Chicago and Brooklyn. Continuing a strong tradition honed in Chicago, these artists approach their work with a deep knowledge of their medium’s history, a great sense of craft, and a sharp sense of humor. TPP is significant because the project links these artists to those in this city who work in these same modes. Some of the New Yorkers have lived or studied in Chicago, the rest are acutely aware of the impact Chicago has had on their practice. All of these artists play freely within the old-line categories of High and Low; in a sense “workin’ from one end to the other and all points in between.”(Gibbons, et al). TPP suggests that great art need not always be serious to be taken seriously.

TPP evolved out of the collaborative installation Ghosts Don’t Burn held at SideCar Gallery in Hammond, Indiana during the fall of 2013. GDB drew its inspiration from Chicago artist Ivan Albrightand his treatment of religious themes in The Temptation of St. Anthony. Nearly two years in the making, GDB played with ideas of seduction, opulence, obsession, repulsion, and resignation, not only as they relate to St. Anthony, but to the artists’ practice as well.

When St. Anthony removed himself to the desert, he erroneously thought that in doing so he could rid himself of the temptations of the outside world. But if temptation returns again and again, it implies that such enticements are actually the expression of one’s inner desires. It follows that one’s desire to do good is also intrinsic. To do good, one must make good. Once the artist realizes that the promise of a richer life elsewhere is an illusion, he or she must resolve to make good right where they are. It takes a certain kind to stay and make in this place, to deny the fantastical temptations of a something, inherently better, always luring…

This Particular Patch picks up where Ghosts Don’t Burn left off, examining temptation and each artist’s decision to live/work/make where they do. Be it Chicago, Eerie, or Gowanus, these artists live and make in these particular patches for particular reasons. Does place inform the artist, or does place simply attract a certain kind? Both SideCar and The Gowanus Ballroom have reputations as places that don’t conform to the white cube model of display, participation, or viewership. Both attract artists who share certain values about art and making. It is no wonder that I gravitated to the Gowanus Ballroom when I moved here from Chicago a little over a year ago.

- Lucas Bucholtz

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