Silly Sculpture

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"Silly Sculpture#0032", 2015 Mixed Media © Matthias Merdan
"Silly Sculpture#0062", 2015 Mixed Media © Matthias Merdan
"Silly Sculpture#0055", 2015 Mixed Media © Matthias Merdan
"Silly Sculpture#0002", 2015 Mixed Media © Matthias Merdan
Silly Sculpture
Curated by: Vernita Nemec

548 West 28th St (6th Floor, Suite # 632)
10001 New York City
June 9th, 2015 - June 27th, 2015
Opening: June 11th, 2015 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

(212) 414-4040
Tue-Sat 12-6
painting, figurative, modern, pop, surrealism, sculpture, mixed-media
free admission


Chelsea: Viridian Artists is pleased to present “SILLY SCULPTURE”,  an exhibition of new sculpture and prints by MATTHIAS MERDAN opening June 9th and continuing through June 27th with a reception on Thursday, June 11th, 6-8PM.

These days we often wonder how the discipline of visual arts could still have a perceivable chance of making an impact. Has art reached the end of its evolutionary possibilities? Is it stagnated in its existing forms?

Artist Matthias Merdan’s answer is “Silly Sculptures”. These slightly larger than life sculptures of figures bring together what the artist calls the “five futilities or “irrelevances”. The artist has carefully contemplated their actions, gesticulations, positioning, colors and outfits as unified contradictions, so that the sculptures radiate absurdity and clumsiness.

The “actions” of the Silly Sculptures are characterized by everyday banality, unfettered by pathos, purity and compulsions. Their actions are not the gesticulations of heroes but instead they stand shakily and illogically. Their colors too are inconsistent. Using chalk, lacquer, oil, acrylic and adhesive tape, the artist wants to prevent any suspicion that he is creating a cohesive design and deliberately leaves his traces of fingerprints and wipes. It’s as if Merdan is attempting to provoke us to conduct comparisons  with the possible and to reorganize our knowledge.

Accessories of hats and gasmasks are more than just additional visual attributes, but serve as a metaphor for the extreme distance he has traveled from the mind, tradition and world of the beholder.

Merdan’s sculptures are mobile, changeable, and anatomically adjustable, responding to space as well as to situations. With the sculpture are prints and photos of their passing poses. With these highly expressive, but dissonant works, Merdan aims to bend the common clichés of aesthetics in an effort to bet on the inexhaustible potential of the visual arts. With these creations, he seizes the innovative opportunity and evolutionary possibilities inherent in sculpture and consequently creates a novel form of expression.

Mattias Merdan lives in Zurich, Switzerland and is presenting his first solo exhibit at Viridian. He has a Master of Philosophy and Theology from Bamberg University in Germany. In 2000, he did a residency in Nafpaktos, Greece to study iconography and from 2006-2011, he led international workshop in the manufacturing of carbon and fiberglass. He has been a professional sculptor since 2008.

We look forward to your presence at the event of “Silly Sculptures”.

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