Winter Haiku

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Mirror, 2008 Lambda Print H: 25 X W: 31 In / H: 63.5 X W: 78.7 Cm © Jenkins Johnson Gallery
Winter Haiku

521 West 26th Street
5th Fl
10001 New York
December 11th, 2008 - January 31st, 2009

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Tue- Sat 10-6
photography, video-art, figurative


Jenkins Johnson Gallery is pleased to announce a dual group exhibition of Winter Haiku in both San Francisco and New York.
Participating artists include: Ben Aronson, Katherine Chang Liu, Sean Cheetham, Gerald Förster, Scott Fraser, Julia Fullerton Batten,Jack Balas, Lynn Goldsmith, Wes Hempel, Misty Keasler, Rene Lynch, John Nava, Julian Opie, Scott Prior, Kay Ruane, Sonya Sklaroff,Francesca Sundsten, Nancy Switzer, ZZ Wei, Don Williams, Michael Workman, Sherrie Wolf, and Christopher Young.

A long history links art and literature, and the Winter Haiku exhibition at Jenkins Johnson Gallery brings that connection together again. The exhibition is a magnificent presentation of poetry and beauty that opens on December 11th in both New York and SanFrancisco. Nature and beauty, along with reflection and sentiment, are focal points of the succinct, short poem that is a haiku and the paintings, photographs and video that are apart of this bicoastal exhibition.
The exhibiting artists not only show their inspiration through their work but also through their chosen haiku. Either inspired by the poem or inspired to find the right poem, these simple three line verses artistically express the artist's intention. Within poetry, the haiku is known for its ability and strength to reveal the extraordinary moments in everyday life while typically making reference to the seasons. It is recognized as something more than verse, almost presenting a new way to see the world. With its simple 5-7-5 nonrhyming structure the essence of the poem lies more in what it uncovers than the mere meaning of the individual words.