With Eyes Wide Blinking

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"Faites vos jeux" (Place your Bets), 2013 Playing Dice, Kinetic Object 1,5 Cm X 1,5 Cm X 1,5 Cm © Courtesy the artist
With Eyes Wide Blinking
Curated by: Mario Margani

Neckarstrasse 19
12054 Berlin
June 19th, 2014 - June 28th, 2014
Opening: June 19th, 2014 7:00 PM - 11:59 PM

sound art, painting, digital, video-art, photography, mixed-media, installation, performance, conceptual
free entrance


The exhibition at the cellar of the Alte Kindl Breuerei, Berlin, presents ten artistic positions dealing with the issue of the sight and its power to influence human believing and behaviours. Beyond the dichotomy rationality/irrationality, the show is intended as a test field for the visitors, bringing out some of the contradictions provoked by the different fashions through which sight adapts and shapes realities, social structures, and expectations.

The first and faster adaptation of the eye to light and darkness conditions of a room occurs in the pupil through the pupillary light reflex, which controls the intensity of the light entering the eye by dilating or constricting the pupil.

A source of light in a well-darkened space shapes the contrast ratio of a place. Something remains ‘black’ and out of visual perception, something else gets colours. Therefore lightning provides an effective chance to steer the attention of the observer. In conditions of full darkness, if no contrast is induced by any sorts of light source, the deeper adaptation of the eye takes minutes and could also bring no results: no steering lightning comes into play and nothing perceivable to the sight happens. In this case indeed eyes wide open or completely shut make no difference for the perception itself.

Agreeing on the fact that an eye blink can be considered as a non-rational response of a person suddenly facing something unbelievable or visually unpredictable, then we should also reflect about the relation between seeing and believing. The equivalence and the relation between these two actions have often been discussed. The works in With Eyes Wide Blinking present rather unbelievable traits. Depending on the work, visitors won’t believe it either precisely or even though they see it.

If seeing is believing, and you see two opposite things happening, either you start believe in one of them and contrast the other with some arguments, or you try to accept the fact that seeing is un-believing. This meaning that once the observer stops searching for a more real appearance, then he or she could end up considering that many different facets of a work are equally believable at the same time.

Reconsidering over and over their own physical and theoretical position towards the work, the visitors are invited to reflect on the inconsistency of their first impressions and on significance of contradictions and changes of mind.


Radio project by Radio Picnic and Salon Bruit

19.06, 8 pm curated by Radio Picnic

JD Zazie
Francesco Cavaliere
Johnny Haway

28.06, 8 pm curated by Séamus O´Donnell

kNiFeLoOp and friends – Return To Sender

Radio receivers and FM transmitters, each with their own sonic characteristic, are the instruments of these performances. A quest for the perfect noise through interference is the esthetic. The signal is not a sound loop traveling in the area of intervention, but a spontaneous event, resulting from collective action in perpetual movement.

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