Hilary Brace: Recent Drawings

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Hilary Brace: Recent Drawings

531 W 26th Street
2nd Floor
10001 New York
October 24th, 2008 - November 29th, 2008

Tue-Fri 11-6


Hilary Brace: Recent Drawings

Meredith Allen: Photographs

October 24th through November 29th, 2008

The Edward Thorp Gallery will present two solo shows by artists Hilary Brace and Meredith Allen.

Hillary Brace will be exhibiting a selection of charcoal drawings on mylar. The fictional spaces in these works describe an ethereal world of vaporous forms, cavernous crevices and roiling clouds and evoke primordial memories and psychic spaces. These exquisitely rendered drawings depict a secret world with photographic veracity. Brace begins these works by first darkening the entire surface and then removing the charcoal medium with various hand made tools, allowing the image to emerge through the exploration of the processes of chance and intuition. More recently a certain amount of premeditation is involved as the artist prepares by using her own photographs of tableaus and other diverse means of garnering information.  Consequently these works show an even more remarkable use of technique, as the works are more deceptively photographic.

In these fantastical drawings we are taken to places that have many forms of significance: spiritual, psychological and metaphysical. They are equally cloudscapes, landscapes and mindscapes. This is Hilary Brace’s third exhibit with the Edward Thorp Gallery.

Meredith Allen’s colorful photographs will also be on view. These photographs are 18 x 18 digital color C-prints. Allen photographs through clear recycling garbage bags she finds on the sidewalk. These seductive images function on various levels. As beautiful abstractions, intriguing glimpses into the glamour of rubbish and the function of photography to recycle our experience towards a heightened appreciation of our daily lives. This will be Meredith Allen’s first solo show at the Edward Thorp Gallery.