Flights of Love

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Untitled, 2013
Flights of Love
Curated by: Molly Merson

254 Ogden Avenue
Jersey City, NJ 07307
December 5th, 2013 - December 28th, 2013

jersey city
Thursday-Sunday 12-6pm


If you know what love is, please tell us!

At what stage of evolution does love develop? Is it present at the cellular level? Where does it start and why and where does it take its leave? Is loss a measure of love?

We are saturated with visual and literary narratives about love and still, mostly when we do not feel it, we are searching for what it is.   The exhibition, which features paintings by Sanda Iliescu, drawings by Klaudia Stoll and sculptures by Katerina Marcelja, does not create a continuous narrative, nor does it attempt to analyze the genesis of love. Instead each artist deals with love's moments.

In Klaudia Stoll's minimalistic drawings, the lines create the bodies and the bodies convey the confusion, vulnerability, hurt and struggle. It looks as if the bodies were branded and in their postures and expressions we can read: "LOVE WAS HERE". The artist is letting the lines, drawn in India ink, pen, brush, ballpoint, pencil or felt- tip pen, do the thinking about closeness, solitude and love. The work chosen for "Flights of Love" is a selection of drawings from the past 15 years.

The moments of love in the sculptures by Katerina Marcelja are direct and yet complicated. Direct because the impulse is so deeply familiar. Complicated because they belong to the dramatic narratives that have fueled our literary history. In their distilled sculptural form, these love moments are stripped bare of their narrative and exposed.

All the paintings in "Flights of Love" by Sanda Iliescu are from the series "Ares and Aphrodite". The lust and love of G-ds, the ridicule, the vanity, the jealousy and  fragility, the pink flesh of Ares and Aphrodite and the golden net, are all there; in the thickly painted canvases and delicately composed drawings.  In response to the works, Paul Barolsky wrote: "Brushed slowly, deliberately, lovingly, but also delicately scratched, they represent thick patches of color that merge and oscillate ambiguously between the flat canvas and depth. They create an alluring imaginary space. Blues and gold, but also touches of red vibrate both behind and in front of simple geometric shapes..."

Klaudia Stoll lives and works in Berlin and Saarbruken.  She is a Prize Winner of "Operare 11", an interdisciplinary competition in Berlin.  Her recent solo and group shows include "Ping Pong" at gallery Julia Phillippi in Heidelberg (2012), and Saarart Exhibition in Saarbruken (2013).

Katerina Marcelja lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. Her sculptures, made with materials from an abandoned house, were exhibited in "Wet Wings and Wooden Sails," a solo show at Giacobetti Paul gallery in Dumbo, New York.

Sanda Iliescu is an Associate Professor of Architecture & Art at University of Virginia. She lives and works in Charlottesville, VA. She is a Fellow of the American Academy in Rome. Her most recent exhibitions include "Knowing How to See," a group exhibit at the Virginia Center for Architecture (2013),  "A New Natural History" at the Ruffin Gallery of the UVA (2012), and "Picasso, Lidia and Friends" at Les Yeux du Monde, Charlottesville (2012).