Not Made In Italy

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Not Made In Italy

357 W. 36 Street. 3rd Floor
New York , New York 10018
October 15th, 2013 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM

10 am - 11 pm
sculpture, mixed-media, installation, performance


Theaterlab presents

NOT – Made in Italy

[Embracing displacement as a creative force]

October 15 – November 5, 2013


Theaterlab (Orietta Crispino, Artistic Director) announced it will present NOT – Made in Italy, aseries celebrating mid-career Italian artists living in New York City. Their mediums are diverse–visual arts, theater, dance–but their commonality is to having chosen displacement in the middle of their lives, leaving everything behind–language, known places, defined identity– in search for a new sense of self. What we know as “Made in Italy “, the artistry and creativity, its style and culture, appears in the work of these artists re-crafted and amplified through the embracing of “another place, another culture”.


The series opens October 15th with theatre director Stebos and his unconventional reading of Pirandello’s The Giant of The Mountain. Commissioned by the Pirandello Society of America, the reading features live drawings of the characters of the play by a visual artist, coming to life between poetry and images. It is produced by Theatre Plots.


October 25th, dancer Silvia Brodi conceptualized I vs I, (Identity Without A Name), which is presented with visual artists John Shorb and Anna Ryabtsov. The I vs. I installation is an artistic collaboration to research the possibilities of identity and the limitations to which it is constantly exposed. I vs. I explores the urge of unveiling our inner soul, desires, self-matter, sense and non-sense we are made of, to create a space for awareness. It investigates both the construction of what we think we are and the unexplored side of what we potentially could be. A delicate journey into our fears and vulnerabilities, our potential and strengths that eventually would become free to expose themselves out into the world.


October 29th Francesco Vizzini will present Loose Entertainment. This work comes out of Vizzini's deep interest in the manipulation of perception. In his other work he often reshapes our visual experience with lenses and use of different languages. In this exhibition our perception of authorship is manipulated by the mystery of what is the result of Vizzini's hand and what was the audience's is in the final product.

November 5th Borinquen Gallo  will present Hearts and Saints. Her sculptures incorporate a variety of materials including cement, silicone, textiles, cardboard, and paper. Through reconfiguring ordinary or often discarded materials into unexpected combinations, her work addresses a space in which physical, intellectual, and material concerns exist in tension with one another while eliciting a multiplicity of conceptual references. These include the tension between the physical and the technological, the irreproducible and the commercial, the original and the copy, the permanent and the consumable or even the disposable. Themes related to notions of spirituality, scientific progress, mass production, consumerism, and the commodification of the body come to the foreground in many of her installations.