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Summer Story, 2013 Pastel On Paper

155 Plymouth Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201
October 3rd, 2013 - October 27th, 2013
Opening: October 3rd, 2013 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Wednesday through Sunday • 11am to 6pm


A.I.R. Gallery is pleased to announce Understory, an installation of abstract drawings by Nancy Storrow. This exhibition will be on view from October 3rd – 27th, 2013.  The opening reception will be held on Thursday, October 3rd, from 6-9pm.

The drawings in Nancy Storrow’s exhibition Understory are interior works, based on images of the exterior world. The ink drawings and larger abstract pastel drawings describe Storrow’s intimate conversation with nature. These linear abstractions recall the color, texture and light across the land. There is a sense of unresolved motion, a shimmering of forms and shapes. Storrow considers this new series of drawings to be landscape                self-portraits, reflecting her interest in the incremental changes that occur over time. 

These drawings are sketches for more drawings, lines without shape and shapes growing out of lines. Understory is an open-ended visual story rooted in the natural world, with echoes and overtones, slight shifts in line, residual images, and intensely worked areas contrasted with translucent overlays. Like processes in nature, the drawings are made, changed, erased, and re-made. 

Storrow works intuitively, evoking emotion with the juxtaposition of hues, which are seemingly there and not there. The drawings are a response to and a recording of small events. Within this fragile tangle, things are given and taken away. She does not present us with a solid form—the drawings are not about the form, but rather a manifestation of her inner conversation.   

Bands of deep or pale blue, wine red or umber can be seen as stripes on the body of a hovering form. They work as a graphic component that emphasizes the two-dimensionality of the drawing; the fact that what one is looking at is, in essence, an exploration of lines and colors, taking place with paper and pigment. Areas either left blank or obliterated invite silence.

Nancy Storrow lives and works in Vermont. She has been an artist member of A.I.R. Gallery in NYC since 1982. Her work has been exhibited at galleries and museums throughout the United States, as well as in Sweden and Hungary.  Storrow's recent solo exhibitions include A.I.R. Gallery, New York, 2011, The Brattleboro Museum & Art Center, (Vermont) 2006 and The Steinhardt Conservatory Gallery, Brooklyn Botanic Garden, (New York) 2005. “Falling” a drawing in this exhibition is the cover of Toni Ortner’s new book of poetry Jeopardy, Finishing Line Press, 2013.