Open Call:

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Open Call:
Curated by: Luiza Cardenuto

97 Avenue C
10009 Manhattan
August 7th, 2013 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

east village/lower east side
By Appointment or call for hours.
open call for artists, open call, figurative, sculpture, mixed-media


It’s a Matter of Mind.

An Exhibition inspired by Alchemy.


Curated by Luiza Cardenuto.


The mystical art of Alchemy bridges the chasm between matter and spirit. The ancient pursuit to turn lead into gold, to find the Elixir of Life and create the Philosopher’s stone is also a metaphor for an uncontrollable urge to improve and transform ones’ self. There is a dual process of transformation that takes place in Alchemy, which happens through the coordination of physical and mental work using a variety of technical and transpersonal methods. It was after studying alchemy that Luiza Cardenuto recognized the opportunity to demonstrate these physical and mental transformations through art.

Using an existing work of art, the artist confronts the past by using the same tools and materials while creating something new. The transpersonal process occurs as the artist remembers the state of mind experienced during the creation of the old piece and attempts to create a new one while staring at the old. The technical procedure is driven by limitation. The artist can only use the same set of tools and supplies, as well as the same medium type and color.

This transformational experience invites the artist to reflect on the pure act of creation. Limitation of material and sources of inspiration is what turns the new piece of art into an opportunity to reinvent, reevaluate and therefore empower the individual. By challenging the ability to transform limited materials and a past experience, the artist may recognize a profound connection that exists between matter and mind. The exhibition will consist of the old piece of art as well as the new.

What will you transform?


Upon notification of acceptance, on August 15th, the artist will have one month to complete the second piece that will accompany the first. Please be sure to complete one form for each artwork and bring them signed to the gallery along with both artworks, on September 17th.



Submission Deadline: August 7th - 8pm.

Acceptance Notification: August 15th

Receiving of all Artwork: September 17th (from 2 to 8 pm)

Opening Reception: September 19th – 6pm to 8pm

Closing of Exhibition: October 12th

Pick up/Return Shipment: Oct 14th