Where We've Been

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Where We've Been

253 Wilson Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11237
August 2nd, 2013 - September 2nd, 2013
Opening: August 2nd, 2013 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM

landscape, pop, digital, photography, conceptual


Where We've Been

Opening Reception
Friday, August 2nd, 7:00PM

OUTLET Fine Art is please to present Where We’ve Been featuring works by Cecilia EspinosaMatthew HillockTyler Magyar, and Justin Hunt Sloane. Please join us this Friday, August 2 at 7PM for an opening reception with the artists.

As Sirius sits high in the nighttime sky, the dog days of summer point us towards nostalgic sentiments. The slowness of hot, long days pass with the ease of idling lovers, while past and future journeys lay in the cut with lazy ambition. For this exhibition we tapped into this quintessential summer mood and selected a collection of works that evoke feelings of exploration and reflection.

Cecilia Espinosa’s photographs, shot with a vintage medium format camera while traveling in Argentina and Uruguay, are part of her Ruta (Road) series.  Captured in vibrant blue and highly saturated tones, the photographs are a mixture of natural elements and outdated architecture.  Espinosa’s images recall both the familiar and the foreign, echoing the dreamy sensations that often accompany a hazy summer road trip, not unlike the feeling of déjà vu itself.

Similarly, Matthew Hillock’s prismatic works from his Objects series collage images from local and international trips.  These stunning kaleidoscopic prints invite formalistic contemplation as viewers seek to decode the layers of compositional elements. The works’ aesthetic mirror the fantastical locations; central Asian poppy fields and mystical Indian Sadhus are playfully presented, while subtle narratives simultaneously point to larger societal issues.

Tyler Magyar’s poetic images stem from his nostalgic musings. A contemporary Romantic, Magyar explores his personal relationship with longing through mixed media ventures. Magyar merges his written and visual works by using vintage type sets to transcribe his poetry, documenting these words through photography.  Further, by printing text on repurposed antique paper, Magyar highlights the timelessness of his romantic thoughts, placing himself within the lineage of historical rumination.

By contrast, Justin Hunt Sloane’s risograph prints walk the line between adventure, hebetude, voyeurism, and singularity. By touring cities across the globe through Google Maps he recorded screenshots, capturing various moments of digital and quotidian poignance. For Where We’ve Been, we are presenting three variations of an image from Hong Kong in which a woman carrying groceries in stands in a Tiananmen-esque obstruction of Google’s All-Seeing Eye. 

Cecilia Espinosa is an Argentine photographer, art director, and filmmaker. She holds a degree in Image and Sound Design and has shown at venues throughout Buenos Aires, including the prestigious Palais de Galce. In addition, she produced a television series for Argentine Education Ministry. Her work has won mention in the National Hall of Visual Arts and was selected for the First Hall of Photography in the city of Mercedes.

Matthew Hillock is a rising star on the digital and net art scene. He was just featured in Animal NY’s Artist Notebook series. His work has been shown in his native Chicago, New York and most recently in France as part of the Super Art Modern Museum.

Tyler Magyar strives to create sincere and memorable, yet ultimately simple work. He divides time between poetry and photography, also dabbling in various design mediums. Architecture, memory, and repetition are continual themes in his writing and images. His projects can be found at

Justin Hunt Sloane holds a BFA in Printing and Interactive Media from the Art Center College of Design. He is deeply involved in the independent publishing world, having been a panel speaker at MoMA and co-producing _Quarterly and Paperweight.  His works can be found at in New York at Printed Matter, Opening Ceremony, and Dessert Island while his freelance work includes clients like Beyonce Knowles, Sony Music, Canon, Tom Sachs, and Toyota. 


Where We've Been is curated by Aliza Kelly Faragher and Julian A. Jimarez Howard.