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One of the most fundamental, and least discussed, aspects of art making is the use of source materials. Distinct from the oft-cited occurrence of “influences” which are absorbed, internalized, and broadly inform an artist’s style, source materials serve as distinct reference points that enable an artist addressing a particular issue to harness the power of pre-existing ideas and objects through interpretation and manipulation. The artists work across a breadth of medium, techniques, styles, and subjects—yet both Source from the world around them, be it the most insular art-for-art’s-sake references, the common materials of society, or the broadest possible knowledge of the natural world. Thus:

Bernard Klevickas inserts himself through material and metaphor between prominent artist Rona Pondick and master artist Frank Stella, creating a unified sculpture incorporating discards he saved from projects he made for both as an art fabricator: RonaBella.

CJ Nye’s All the Little Cashews, a response to the salon-like facebook profile of Jerry Saltz, is informed by nautical signal flags, touches on linguistic symbols, and plays off countless figures in art history from cave painters through to contemporary masters.

We’re not going to give you all the answers, but we invite and challenge you to come look at the work and draw on your own experiences in order to guess what the Source might be.


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By train: Montauk Branch LIRR to Bay Shore. Walk ~1/2 mile: Walk east to 4th Ave., make a right and walk one long block to Mechanicsville Rd., turn left and walk three blocks to 2nd Ave.. Firehouse is on the far corner, one in to the left. Tickets: Penn / Bay Shore $25.50 RT: Timetable: