Plastic Ruins

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Untitled, 2013 Mixed Media On Canvas 80 X 86 Inches © Courtesy of the artist & LMAK Projects
Plastic Ruins

298 Grand Street
New York
April 5th, 2013 - May 12th, 2013
Opening: April 5th, 2013 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Wed-Sun 11-6 and by appointment
photography, video-art


LMAKprojects is pleased to present Carlos Rigau's Plastic Ruins an exhibit of photographs, paintings and video dealing with the illusion and perception of surface.  


In his second solo exhibit with the gallery, Carlos Rigau continues to ruffle our preconceived perceptions and strikes at what we visually take for granted.  He deals with transformations and questions our contemporary sensibility of metaphysics. In his photographs he documents a composition built from wood grained vinyl that has been brandished with lighter fluid and an exacta blade to reveal the nature of its material, which is -upon closer inspection - an illusion in itself.  


Rigau is able to develop a visual language that is unique, yet oddly recognizable. For example in his paintings he deals with surface and the nature of painting. The mark becomes a pattern, which become chaos and turns back into a painting all at the same instance: hovering between the significance of the mark and the identity of the canvas.

In his video Angry Bird he interprets with great humor the question of confused perception. The video shows a cardinal attacking the viewer. The bird's anger is brutally honest, as one ponders the reason of this attack, however the window is reflective and the bird's fight is with his own reflection. Once again the viewer - and this time also the subject - have been deceived, yet share their deception.

Carlos Rigau was born in 1978 and raised in Little Havana, Miami, Florida. He received his MFA from Hunter College in New York. His work has been exhibited at LMAKprojects and Jack Tilton Gallery in New York; Shane Campbell Gallery in Chicago; and Nice and Fit in Berlin, Germany. In Miami he has exhibited at Miami Art Museum, MoCA North Miami, Dorsch Gallery, Dimensions Variable, Art and Cultural Center of Hollywood, and Art Center South Florida. He has developed project rooms for such institutes as Locust Projects and de la Cruz Collection in Miami, the later titled Fighting Kissing Dancing was also exhibited at the Fabric Workshop and Museum in Philadelphia. Rigau is the founder of General Practice, an artist-run space that organizes projects in Miami and New York.