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March 7th, 2013 - March 10th, 2013
Opening: March 7th, 2013 12:00 PM - 9:00 PM

east village/lower east side
Saturday, May 7th, 6pm – 4am Sunday, May 8th, 12pm – 6pm
digital, installation, video-art, figurative


Daily Hours

March 7 - 10, 2013 | Noon - 9pm

Admission Fee: $5 at door or Suggested Donation with VIP Pass.

Premiering works will include Eve Sussman + Simon Lee’s curation of the 35mm project Car Wash Incident – a two screen video installation re-creating in detail one of the major insurance scams of convicted confidence artists Jack + Leigh Ruby. In addition, Sussman will curate Peter Dudek’s architectural sculpture grids – colorful networks emulating the clickable ‘pop-up’ features found in video games and computer screens.

Curator Maureen Sullivan explores American myths of violence and spiritual reconciliation through Jeremy Blake’s Winchester Redux, and transcendental themes through the multi-media experiential installation of Yorgo Alexopoulos.

Kyle DeWoody of Grey Area curates Michael Joaquin Grey’s exploration of historic invention through his immersive projection, Umwelt Belt.

Amanda Schmitt curates the exhibition alonetogether with works by Juliana Cerqueira Leite, Grace Villamil, and Myla Dalbesio highlighting the confluence of public and solitary space on the internet, and a solo exhibition I don’t know what it is, but it feels good by Myla Dalbesio, which explores themes of reality and unreality in the context of pop-culture, mass media, and pyschedelia.

Mark Azoulay will curate the work of artist JR for the school building’s courtyard wall.

Ballast Projects curator Adam Mignanelli links the addictive, anxious excitement procured by internet technology platforms with the same compulsions in the aesthetic sphere through the work of Chuck Webster, Russell Tyler, Matt Mignanelli, Rachel Rossin, Ted Gahl, and Matthew Hassell.

Gabriela Alva, Natalia Porter, and Aurora Pellizzi of Eyelevel BQE curate works including Anthony Graves’ digitally ‘erased’ first sections of the Financial Times, flat-bed scanner prints by Carla Herrera-Prats, three-dimensional video work installations by Lumarca and Marco A. Castro, and additional works related to New Mysticism by Marcos Castro, Antoine Lefebvre, Ed Purver, Tom Smith, and Aurora Pellizzi.

Curator John Morrow will present new works where pro-sumer digital technologies are incorporated or elevated into high art vessels, whether aligning micro- and macroscopic in the photography of Avery McCarthy, or confounding the intimate with the public through Sarah Hindsgaul’s text-message proliferated video portraits.

Tom Weinrich of Interstate Projects will show ethereal works by Rachel de Joode, Jennifer Chan, Cheon pyo Lee, and Joe Jagos + Sadaf H. Nava.

Helen Toomer of Toomer-Labzda Gallery will showcase Howard Raimund Hurst’s crass spiritualism in the banal in a collection of his recent paintings.

Curator Cecelia Stucker will premiere an installation inspired by notorious former CIA operative Frank Olson, with works contributed by Aaron Anderson, Eric Carlson, Etienne Chambaud, Garrett Pruter, Jane Moseley, and Grear Paterson.

Ted Barrow will show the painted, figurative cut-outs of artist Z Behl in an amassed installation.

The scientific tests of psychologists Fritz Strack, Leonard R. Martin, and Sabine Stepper will be re-contextualized by Angela Conant of Gowanus Studio Space, through works by artists Grayson Cox, Jennifer Dayton, Beka Goedde, Dylan Gauthier, Michelle Levy, Andrea Merkx, Nathan Gwynne, Rachel Ostrow, John Whitlock, Francesco Simeti, Kendra Sullivan and more. 

Patrick Meagher of Silvershed will show cosmic mapping prints by Rachel Garrard, augmented phenomenological news footage by Zain Burgess, ASCII shorthand painting by Kerry Hassler, a computer-based project by Jamie Zigelbaum, Alexander Dawson and cloud-computing photo collages by Patrick Meagher.

Elizabeth Clark will curate the relationship ruminations of artist duo BOYFRIENDGIRLFRIEND.

Marco Antonini of NURTUREart will show a selection of photographs from Luigi Presicce’s book, Mistici e Maghi. The images will resemble subliminal messages, in an expansive site-specific installation.

Andrew Gori + Ambre Kelly will showcase works including site-specific artworks by Julia ChiangFall On Your Sword, Sarah Bereza, Melissa Godoy-Nieto, David Alexander Flinn, and Mary Blakemore – with two-dimensional works exploring obsessive and transcendent processes by artists Andreis Costa, Brian Randolph, Meredith Cunningham, Annabel Linquist, Noah Gershman, Ambre Kelly, and Adam Ianniello.