Power Plant

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Energy Spiral--Thank You for Everything, 2013 Marker And Pen On Paper 44" X 36" © Courtesy of the Artist and Monte Vista
Power Plant

1206 Maple Avenue
5th floor, #523
90015 Los Angeles
February 22nd, 2013 - March 24th, 2013
Opening: February 22nd, 2013 7:00 PM - 11:00 PM

eagle rock/highland park
Sat-Sun 12-5 or by appointment
video-art, performance


Monte Vista Projects is pleased to present Power PlantSteven L. Anderson's solo exhibition of painting, drawing, video, and performances. Power Plant is a collection of strategies for charging, releasing, projecting, negating, and focusing energy. Spiraling, text-based drawings become tools for directing vibrations. A large "prayer rug" serves as a charging station for staging performative, creative actions. Tripods supporting video cameras appear as totemic signposts in the energy landscape. On the cameras' tiny screens, short videos testify to the electricity one feels while exploring the wilderness, reaching a mountain's summit, or encountering the sublime.

The rhythms of our daily lives, our politics and culture, and our technology surround us completely, encompassing us in white noise-but when we escape into the outdoors, we gain perspective. As our senses refocus, our bodies discover rhythms that can't be represented on clocks. We begin to experience older, deeper rhythms, of energy flowing through and around us. The exhilaration of the human spirit fuses with the ferocious beauty of nature to make a palpable, tingling essence, and-if an artist is attuned-this energy can become a medium in itself.

The exhibition will feature lectures, performances, and workshops by Riah Buchanan, Shade Falcon, Robby Herbst, Charles Irvin, Los Angeles Mystery Project, Tom McKenzie, and Guru Rugu. Audiences are limited to 15 people. Schedule and sign-ups will be posted at the gallery.

Steven L. Anderson works in a variety of media to explore the nature of power, and the power of Nature. His career as an artist has been a cycle of collaborative and individual production, including projects with Tom McKenzie (as Ecstatic Energy Consultants, Inc.); Karl Erickson & Robby Herbst; Elana Mann; Llano del Rio Collective; Signify, Sanctify, Believe; and Cakewalk magazine. Anderson was a 2011 Artist-in-Residence at Joshua Tree National Park, and his work has been exhibited in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Miami, and Chicago. A longtime resident of Los Angeles, Steven now lives and works in Atlanta, Georgia. More at

Check out this related video by Anderson on YouTube:

Power Plant Events

Friday, Feb. 22
7 - 11pm: Opening reception

9pm: M. Tompkins' DSotM
Live sound collage by Steven L. Anderson
Illuminate that dark place between yoga breathing, Darth Vader, and Pink Floyd.

Sunday, Feb. 24

4pm: Improvisational Meditation 
with Tom McKenzie
We begin to trip as a collective on guided imagery
That flows from my words
At some point I kick it out to the other participants
Or they just chime in
And become equal players and performers in this
Theatrical performance in our minds' eye
This event is limited to 15 participants--sign-up will be posted at Monte Vista

Saturday, Mar. 2

4pm: Reading From Occupy Crackdown Redactions
by Robby Herbst
A reading of daylighted FBI papers concerning the crackdown of the Occupy movement of 2011. "These documents show that the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security are treating protests against the corporate and banking structure of America as potential criminal and terrorist activity. These documents also show these federal agencies functioning as a de facto intelligence arm of Wall Street and Corporate America."
This event is limited to 15 participants--sign-up will be posted at Monte Vista

7pm: Nod On, Nod Off: Dervish of Arcana
with Shade Falcon and Friends
We break open the cosmic primordial sound of silence with a Tarot card-driven dance jam.
This event is limited to 15 participants--sign-up will be posted at Monte Vista

Sunday, Mar. 3

12 Noon: Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan
with Charles Sat Shabad Irvin
Kundalini Yoga blends many of the aspects of spiritual work into one practice: breathing, postures, meditation, chanting, and deep relaxation.
*Please bring a yoga mat. You might also want to bring a cotton or wool blanket or towel, and/or a meditation cushion.
This event is limited to 15 participants--sign-up will be posted at Monte Vista

2pm: Re-Wilding Los Angeles, the Positives of Fear
Presented by Riah Buchanan
The talk will center around the idea of Pleistocene Rewilding, which involves the purposeful introduction of species of animals that existed 13,000 years ago (or similar species), in hopes of creating a truly wild wilderness. It is not about the past, but about a future where humans choose to set up conditions for wild places to exist. 
*Followed by wilderness listening session.
This event is limited to 15 participants--sign-up will be posted at Monte Vista

4pm: Shamanic Journey into the Plant Realm: Communicate with Your Favorite House Plant
with Los Angeles Mystery Project
As plants perceive that our world is all connected, it is in their interest to help humans achieve balance, health, and wholeness. We will conduct a shamanic journey to contact the spirit of plants to ask for their help and wisdom. 
*Please bring your favorite house plant.
This event is limited to 15 participants--sign-up will be posted at Monte Vista

Saturday, March 9 - Sunday, Mar. 10

1am - 3am, Saturday night/Sunday morning: Time Travel & Midnight Savings with Guru Rugu!
Spring forward with Guru Rugu and the Experimental Meditation Center of Los Angeles. An eternity will open up in the space of an hour. When would you like to go visit?
This event is limited to 15 participants--sign-up will be posted at Monte Vista