Andrea Mary Marshall: Gia Condo

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Untitled No. 1 (Mona Gloria, Flava Flav), 2012 Oil On Poplar Panel 30 X 21 Inches
Andrea Mary Marshall: Gia Condo

179 East Broadway
New York, NY 10002
January 17th, 2013 - February 16th, 2013
Opening: January 17th, 2013 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

east village/lower east side
Wed-Sun 12-6
photography, mixed-media, digital, video-art, performance, conceptual, pop, surrealism, figurative, modern


Allegra LaViola Gallery is pleased to present Gia Condo, an exhibition of painting, photography, video and performance by Andrea Mary Marshall. The show will open on January 17th and will include a performance on the opening night, as well as additional performances through the duration of the exhibition.

In her second solo show, Andrea Mary Marshall approaches the enigma of the Mona Lisa through a series of self-portraits rendered in diverse media. The Mona Lisa is the world’s most recognizable and replicated painting. Gia Condo explores the identity of this fascinating “subject of all subjects” and pays homage to artists previously inspired by da Vinci’s iconic image. Marshall draws inspiration from the renderings of Dali, Duchamp and Warhol as well as the myriad theories surrounding the identity of the sitter. Out of the competing ideas, the character of Gia Condo emerges, portrayed by Marshall herself.

Transforming the subject into the painter, Marshall allows the muse to become the master. In her thirteen Mona Lisa paintings, Marshall duplicates the material and size of da Vinci’s original, while altering the composition significantly. Additionally, there are six photographic portraits, a short film and film stills. As she takes the viewer through the stages of Gia Condo’s transformations, the darker, masculine energy of the notorious woman is released. Marshall does not shy away from the power of drag as a transformative tool, and in doing so addresses the masculine side of femininity. While her previous series of work, Toxic Women, portrayed women as victims, Gia Condo celebrates a dynamic confidence and self-acceptance.

The artists Marshall references in Gia Condo are male, with one notable exception. At the film’s finale, Gia Condo departs from her lineage of male painters and assumes the role of a Guerrilla Girl. At this moment, Marshall liberates Gia Condo from the frame of the painting, film and photographs and launches her into the world of flesh and blood. For the duration of the exhibition, Marshall will perform as Gia Condo, initiating with the opening on January 17th. Using the Gallery’s lower level as a studio, Gia will recreate one of da Vinci’s well-known masterpieces in her own style. Visitors to the gallery are invited to watch as Gia Condo steps out of the canvas and takes up her own brush. What she will create remains entirely her own choice.

Andrea Mary Marshall received her BFA from Parsons School of Design and has exhibited at Grey Area, New York, NY; Phillips de Pury & Company, New York, NY; Freight and Volume Gallery, New York, NY and Stephan Stoyanov Gallery, New York, NY. Her work has been reviewed in The New York Times, Scene Magazine, Smug Magazine, Artlog, Opening Ceremony, Hi-Fructose, PaperMagand StyleLikeU. She lives and works in New York City. This is her second solo exhibition with Allegra LaViola Gallery.