Small Format / Affordable Art Group Exhibition Opening Reception & Alfa’ 2012 Catalog Release

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Small Format / Affordable Art Group Exhibition Opening Reception & Alfa’ 2012 Catalog Release
Curated by: Alexa Varga

108 Church Street
New Brunswick, New Jersey 08901
December 7th, 2012 7:00 PM - 10:00 PM

other (outside main areas)
(732) 296-6720
Tuesday thru Friday, 11am to 6 pm
New Brunswick, Alfa Art Gallery, 2012, mixed-media, digital, installation, conceptual, landscape, modern, traditional, sculpture


Alfa Art Gallery is presenting their holiday show, The Small Format and Affordable Art Group Exhibition. This exhibition will feature submissions of 12 x 12 x 12 inches or smaller from artists of all different mediums. Not only does thisshow display a style of art for every taste, but it provides the audience with the opportunity to purchase affordable, original artwork following the opening reception.

The Alfa 2012 catalog boasts selections from over 40 local and international artists, all of whom Alfa has been proud to represent in 2012.

The Opening Reception will take place on December 7th at 7pm. 


During this show Vera Raskin and Nina Tomczak will present and sale pieces from their private collections.

On December 14th, there will be an Open Studio event where the artists will be present to discuss their processes and techniques. 


About the artists

Ken HamiltonMargie Samuels, and Hana Aviv will show realistic watercolor paintings. Jo Bradney and Leroy Whiteare exhibiting equally realistic paintings; Jo, focusing on objects, and Leroy, on figures.  Agop GemdjianAlyce GottesmanChinyeeDion HitchingsLisa PressmanMiklos Sipos and Tatiana L.Sougakova will also be showing works in a highly abstracted style and will encourage the audience to take a step into their personal thoughts, as they create a scene directly from their minds. Francesca AzzaraNanci HershJennifer Hines and Wade Miller will also be showing works that utilize an abstracted style; they use lines and shapes to create abstract forms in their works of art. Between these two drastic ends of the spectrum, falls the works of several of Alfa’s exhibiting artists. Colleen GahrmannLea Cattan, and Joanie San Chirico include identifiable forms and objects from everyday life in their abstracted paintings.  Ethan Sherman and Judith Cantor will be showing three dimensional works. Included in this show are also artists from across the country and the Atlantic, Linda McCray and Ulf Koenig.  Finally, Vesselin Kourtev, the resident artist and founder of the Alfa Art Gallery, is also presenting some of his small works in this exhibition.


Exhibition contributors

Linda Rosenblum, Press Release and Event Coordinator
Alexa Varga, Curatorial Information and Event Coordinator
Cam Jones, Graphic Design
Olympia Christofinis and Susana Rivera, Artist Communications
Layla Cabrera, Photography & Video Intern