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© Courtesy of the artist & Moscow Museum of Modern Art [25 Petrovka]

25 Petrovka Street
107031 Moscow
Russian Federation
December 20th, 2012 - February 10th, 2013
Opening: December 20th, 2012 12:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Russian Federation
Mon-Sun 12.00 - 20.00


Artist Nikolai Nasedkin is one of the leading masters of the post-Soviet Expressionism. Drips of paint in his painting installations are not just a formal color experiment, but emotions, experienced by the artist.

 Reflecting on the country, suffered many social cataclysms, the author offers the viewer his works, made in minor depressive colors. Even the vivid red color reminds us of the blood. The black banya, the ploughed field, the forest after a fire, dirty boots are plots, which become archetypal in his oeuvre. Yellowed scraps of newspapers and old unfinished artworks become important artifacts.

 The black color is predominant in Nikolai Nasedkin’s art. It creates a certain mood and conveys the author’s emotions. A thoughtful viewer will find another meaning in it. One should refer to the black color in Nasedkin’s art as the sum of all shades. Thus, domination of the black color in presented artworks reminds us of the ambivalence of the being, where darkness is always balanced by the light. The hidden hope for overcoming darkness and disharmony is the thread of the exhibition in the MMOMA.

 Nikolai Nasedkin deals with issues and value categories, which are urgent and will never cease to be urgent. They are good and evil, black and white, fear to the past and hope for the better future, desire to isolate oneself from horrors of life and understanding that to isolate oneself doesn’t mean to escape. 

Selected shows:

2012    – “Resonant Matter” (The Russian Museum, St Petersburg). 2009 – “2009 Kandinsky Prize”. Exhibition of nominees (Central House of Artists, Moscow). 2007 – Baroque. Moscow Museum of Modern Art. 2007 – National Black Square Award in Contemporary Art “Art Moscow Workshop” exhibition of nominees (Central Exhibition Hall, Moscow). 2005 – “Ornament. Painting in Petroleum” (Krokin Gallery, Moscow). Parallel program of the 1st Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art. 1990    – “Paintings and Graphic Works by Nikolay Nasedkin” (Snekkersten, Denmark). 

Artworks by Nikolai Nasedkin are in collections of the Moscow Museum of Modern Art (MMOMA), the State Tretyakov Gallery, the Russian Museum, the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts. They are also in private collections of Russia, Austria, Holland, Denmark, Italy, Portugal, the USA, France, Germany and Switzerland.