Soup Kitchen 2012

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© Courtesy of Open Source Gallery
Soup Kitchen 2012

306 17th Street
11215 Brooklyn

December 8th, 2012 - December 31st, 2012

Other (outside areas listed)
646 279 3969
Wednesday-Saturday, 2-7pm and by appointment


The 5th Annual Open Source Soup Kitchen will commence this December 8th at Open Source Gallery. We are seeking artists, cooks, friends, and neighbors to join us for a month of cooking, eating, sharing, and celebrating. For as many nights of the month as we have volunteers, we will provide the cookware and utensils and the volunteer chef will be responsible for the “one-pot meal” of the night. We welcome all kinds of unique dishes from any ethnic tradition.

Volunteers will each choose a different night and will cook a meal for approximately 15-20 people, which will be served between 7:00 and 9:00pm. Usually dishes are a “one-pot meal,” a soup or stew that can be served in bowls with bread on the side.

The cook of the night is also responsible for providing an artistic element to incorporate into the evening. In the past, participants have displayed photographs on the walls, read monologues, or played music. While the volunteers do not necessarily have to be artists, it is encouraged and provides a good opportunity for artists to talk about, receive feedback, and gain exposure for their work. Those who attend the soup kitchen vary from neighbors to artists to others who are down on their luck or simply hungry. Not a traditional soup kitchen, this event focuses on conversation, community, and art.

Sometimes the conversation flows easily, and sometimes not, but the food is nearly always tasty (it’s New York, after all – we have standards!). So join us for good food, good art, and good conversation.