Bits and Pieces - A Mixed Media Exhibition

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Danielle Charette in Bits & Pieces Art Exhibit © Danielle Charette
Bits and Pieces - A Mixed Media Exhibition
Curated by: Danielle Charette

17 West Main Street
Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania 17055
December 7th, 2012 - February 2nd, 2013
Opening: December 7th, 2012 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM

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Fri-Sat, 12-7pm,1st and 3rd Sundays 2-7. Mon-Tues, By Appointmt. Closed Wed. Thurs.
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METROPOLIS COLLECTIVE                      



“Rumbletime” A solo exhibition of new

artwork by The Hucklebuckle Boys,


  for press inquiries please contact:

The “Bits and Pieces” Mixed Media exhibition,

Buzzchopper performing live. The “Scaredy Cat”

Fundraiser benefitting the Humane Society of Harrisburg

& the grand opening of Danielle Charette Art studios.

  Danielle Charette

  (717) 458-8245

Opening Reception: Friday, December 7th, 2012, 6-10p

[through January 26th)



Mechanicsburg, PA (December 7th) – The Metropolis Collective is pleased to announce the opening reception for “Rumbletime”a solo exhibition of new works by The Hucklebuckle Boys, a locally residing emerging collaborative art team comprised of Zack Rudy and Garrett Dorsett at Trash Art Gallery from 6-10pm on Friday, December 7th, 2012 as well as the “Bits and Pieces” mixed media group exhibition in the collective’s Hole In The Wall Gallery. To top the evening off is Central PA’s very own Buzzchopper performing their killer surf sounds live on the Stage Noir. The events of this evening are free and open to the public with a suggested donation to theHarrisburg Humane Society’s, Scaredy Cat” fundraising campaign taking place at the gallery. All proceeds benefit the general pet population at the society in Harrisburg during a point the organization is in the most need. Also this evening is the grand opening of Danielle Charette Art studio. The exhibitions will be on display and for sale at Metropolis Collective through January 26th, 2012

In the Hole In The Wall Art Gallery

Also this evening at Metropolis Collective is the “Bits and Pieces” mixed media group exhibit in the collective’s Hole In The Wall Art Gallery, which will feature the creations of artists residing both near and far using all sorts of materials that when put together create a semblance of a whole. Exhibiting artists makingtheir debut with the collective include Matthew Rose, Bruce New, Dave Barr, Sean Matthews, Scott Mitchell Putesky aka. Daisy Berkowitz and Christopher Millar aka. Rat Scabies along with returning favorites Paul Kostabi, Joseph Arthur, Mark May, Danielle Charette, Sophie Lo, Mike Egan, Nina Isabelle, Rachel Udell, Ralphie Seguinot, Tim Miller, and Tina Berrier.

About The Artists

Matthew Rose is an American artist and writer based in Paris. Born in New York, he graduated from Brown University in Semiotics, studying linguistics, art, film and writing. While painting and producing collage works, he wrote about New York’s art scene, principally the East Village, but also other areas in the art world that involved Fluxus, Dada and Mail Art. He currently resides in Paris France where he continues to create and exhibit art, founded the Paris Correspondence School and is a writer for the prestigious                                                                                                                           

Bruce New is a self-taught artistwho “resides in the wilds of Kentucky, with a bird and our son, on a mountaintop, right next to the sun, where I create my artwork high on butterfly wine.” His work is an attempt to document his existence - to leave a visual record of his thoughts, ideas, and fantasies.                                                          

Dave Barr is an artist currently residing in Washington DC. His works are the result of building up and layering different media. His work is a pop appropriation and imagery collage style although he likes to refer to it more simply as visual sampling. Much like a DJ samples different parts of songs together, he mixes various pop culture imagery and typography. He’s interested in recombining these fragments of culture to create a new mini narrative. Dave collects images, chews them up and then spits them back out in a bright, busy, recontextualized new form.

Sean Matthews is a sculptor originally from North Carolina. His current work on display conceptually examines the similarities between the altar and the object while exploring the aesthetic relationship between form and material. Sean was an Art-o-Mat artist and has a small sculpture in The Whitney Museum’s private Art-o-Mat collection. Sean is an Assistant Professor of Art at Messiah College in Grantham, Pennsylvania.

Scott Mitchell Putesky aka. Daisy Berkowitz is an accomplished American artist and musician born in Los Angeles currently residing in Pennsylvania. Scott always had a passion for music and art, which led him to form a little band called Marilyn Manson and The Spooky Kids in which he could foray into both loves. The maniacal fun of the Spooky Kids would become legend. Scott is now dedicating more time than ever to making his art and developing new concepts. He chooses rather to ignore than expand boundaries in visual and aural art and draws his inspiration and influence from humor, darkness, passion, music, the 80’s, mysticism, sex, pop-culture, film, social dysfunction, science and Americana.                                                                                       

Christopher Millar aka. Rat Scabies is an English artisan and musician best known by his stage name Rat Scabies from his long tenure as the drummer for the seminal first wave English punk band The Damned. He has had played with numerous acts since, had several solo projects, is a music producer and an artist creating his Rat Scabies cigar box guitars that are fully tunable, playable and electric.                                                           

Paul Kostabi is an artist, musician, music producer and audio engineer. Kostabi was a founding member of the bands Youth Gone Mad, White Zombie, and Psychotica. Paul Kostabi paintings are presently in permanent collections of Paterson Museum, Guggenheim Museum, New England Museum of Art, Millennium Museum, Whitney Museum of Art, Video, Paper, Tiger Sessions, and the Museion Museum and he continues to be in demand to exhibit worldwide.                                         

Joseph Arthur is an artist, musician, and poet. In touch with every nuance of the creative world, Joseph Arthur’s artwork has received much attention from both artistic and musician communities. Discovered both musically and artistically by Peter Gabriel, his works have been featured in MOMAR, La Galerie Chappe in Paris, France, Varga Gallery, We Gallery, and the Bootleg Theatre Gallery, to name just a few. He was recently the guest musical performance on the David letterman show where he performed playing one of his hand painted guitars and even more recently on Jimmy Fallon.                                                                                                                             

Mark May is a special education teacher at a local school district who has found a creative outlet through the creation of robots. The robots are created using found and recycled materials which are acquired from flea markets, antique shops, junk yards, and everyday items found on the street. He has shown his work in many venues; The Outsider Art Fair and The Others in New York City, and Outsider Art in the Hamptons. He has been featured in RAW VISIONS magazine and The Folk Art Messenger.                                                                                                                                    

Danielle Charette is a contemporary expressionist. Her work is a highly symbolic form of modern story telling. Her Charette original oil paintings and art have been shown and hang in many galleries throughout the US and continue to sell both nationally and internationally. Notably, her series “2752 It’s Always the Same” and “Broke in Brooklyn” have been accepted for inclusion by The National September 11th Memorial Museum.                                     

Sophie Lo is an accomplished French artist living in England. She works in many mediums, including original paintings, photography, record sleeves, commissioned concert and rock ’n ’roll posters, videos, books and fanzines. She has created tour posters for The Brian Jonestown Massacre, The Cynics and Eddie & The Hot Rods, promo posters for The Cramps and sleeve design for The Damned to name just a few projects. Magazines such as "Vive Le Rock" and Mike Stax's "Ugly Things" have acclaimed Sophie's work, with “Vive Le Rock” calling her work "The coolest original rock 'n 'roll posters in the world". Sophie is also responsible for the French translation and liner notes for books such as "The Sex Pistols - Rotten by Lydon" (Camion Blanc). 

Mike Egan is a Pittsburgh based artist who has an impressive list of art shows spanning the globe. Alongside his artistic pursuits, he has spent time working as an embalmer in funeral homes. Mike’s paintings tell stories... about death, devils and saints. Mike attended Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, from 1996-2000 where he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts. 

Nina Isabelle is a multi-disciplinary artist residing in New York. Her areas of interest include oil painting, drawing, ceramics, alternative-process photography, printmaking, and modern dance. Her subject matter and style emerge from a psycho-conceptual and body-centric cacophony of instinctual mark making fueled by a fragmented dimension within the collective psyche.

Rachel Udel is a Pennsylvania native residing in Philadelphia. She is drawn to using soft, comforting, highly textured materials because of their capacity for suggesting forms that feel alive. Her work has been featured at the Nicholas Berg Gallery, The Painted Bride, Midwives Collective and Gallery and the 3rd Street Gallery.  

Ralphie Seguinot is a self-taught artist who currently lives and works in Harrisburg, PA. His work is greatly influenced by the skateboard and punk scene in which he spent his formative years immersed in. His works are created using hand cut stencils and spray paint. You can see some of his work on everything from city walls to discarded televisions.                                                                                                                                        

Tim Miller Tim Miller is a Pennsylvania based artist whose pieces include 3-D works, which include ideas of love, life, loss, and luck. His pieces form a seamless timeline where each piece holds its individual space in time while still being a part of an integrated whole.                                                                                                                                        

Tina Berrier is a locally residing self-taught mixed media artist, painter and assemblage creator. She dabbles in pen and ink, pastels, charcoal, oils and acrylics. Her work is heavily influenced by the colors and mythos of other cultures. Tina feels that her art is a continuing struggle between meaning and beauty. She is a member of the Harrisburg artist collective Mixed Media Art Group”.       

At Trash Art Gallery this evening

The title of the show, RUMBLETIME - A Hommage to Hometown Fist-a-cuffs” will take a deeper look into the world of Zack Rudy and Garrett Dorsett’s personal childhood experiences with “the rumble” and kids with a devil may care attitude. The exhibit will take you back to a time when a “boys will be boys” mentality still existed and the Friday night rumble was a highly anticipated event. The rivalry of an entire school or just a personal one could be squashed in just one evening, playing out publicly, at the bowling alley or drive in theatre; the roller rink, the mall, the park, the local dance or football game. No place was off limits because these public places were coveted. A black eye was a right of passage and being tricked into smelling your buddies finger common. At worst maybe your parents got a late night call from the police and you were sent home to deal with these consequences there. No lawyers, no arrests. Sometimes you would win, sometimes you'd lose, but who really cared? Even if you lost, at least you tried, the bruises healed, and your pride stayed intact. To the Huckle Buckle Boys the innocence of youth is truly something to behold. “In our own little town, and in our own little way we all became men.”

This HBB solo exhibition of new collaborative paintings and illustrations that depict dynamic, action packed and often times humorous situations that could very well shed some light on a different time and place in history. Afterall, When did it become so taboo for kids to get wild?

About the Hucklebuckle Boys

The Huckle Buckle Boys are a two person art collective focusing on the exploratory nature of collaboration and the inner flow experience. They strive to bring real passion and unique talent to the world of art while holding to the idea that improvisation and spontaneity are the heartbeat of the underground DIY culture.

Zack Rudy and Garrick Dorsett have been collaborating as the artist team The Hucklebuckle Boysfor several years. The have shown their work together in New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Lancasterand several venues in the Harrisburg area. 

Their aesthetic has been described as irreverent and brash, yet approachable and hilarious. Both artists have varied backgrounds that includes graffiti as well as more traditional painting, photography and drawing. Dorsett and Rudy’s collaborative work has been published in FAR Magazine in Indonesia, as well as featured on many online venues.

Performing live on The Stage Noir

Performing live this evening on the Collective’s Stage Noir is Central PA’s very own Buzzchopper. Buzzchopper is a heavy instrumental surf band that rides a wave of classic 60’s surf sounds through the garage and out the other side weaving psychedelic surf leads over pounding rhythms. Buzzchopper is Paul Keaveney on lead guitar, Cynthia Nugent on guitar and Aaron Shiflet on drums. 

New at Metropolis Collective

This evening also marks the opening of Danielle Charette Art studio and gallery. Here you will find the original artwork and prints of Danielle Charette available for viewing and purchase. Her studio will be open to the public during normal business hours and by appointment.

About Metropolis Collective  

Metropolis Collective is a contemporary eclectic fine art gallery and performance spacerun by a husband and wife team made up of Richard Reilly and Danielle Charette. Reilly is a former NYC native with 20 years of experience working with the prestigious Adelson Gallery, and professional Rock musician and founder of the seminal first wave NYC punk rock band The Victims amongst others. Charette is a Harrisburg native who resided in NYC for most of her life prior to returning to the area. She is an emerging contemporary expressionist artist who actively exhibits nationwide.

Metropolis Collective is home to the Trash Art Gallery, the Hole In The Wall Art Gallery, Danielle Charette Art, Rick-o-Chet Records and The Stage Noir. The collectiveexhibits an eclectic variety of contemporary fine art (photography, paintings, mixed media, printmaking, sculpture, installations and drawings) as well as hosting musical and artistic performances. The gallery represents the talents of many artists locally residing and non-native, emerging and internationally established. Based in Mechanicsburg Pa, Trash Art Gallery is located at 17 West Main Street, Mechanicsburg, PA 17055. Gallery hours are [Tues-Thurs 12-7, Fri-Sat 12-8pm and by appointment]. For more information, please call: (717) 458-8245, or visit our website:, Facebook: email: info@metropoliscollective.