The Nocturnal Wave

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The Nocturnal Wave

179 East Broadway
New York, NY 10002
November 28th, 2012 - December 23rd, 2012
Opening: November 28th, 2012 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

east village/lower east side
Wed-Sun 12-6


Allegra LaViola Gallery is pleased to present Nocturnal Wave, a site-specific, multi-media, interactive installation by artists Elena Kalman and Susan Hoffman Fishman, winners of the Allegra LaViola Gallery Open Call 2012. The exhibition will be on display from November 28th through December 23rd, 2012.

The Nocturnal Wave is the off-shot of an ongoing project by the two artists entitled The Wave

Seeking to immerse the visitor in a land where their participation activates the art installation itself, the artists have created an enchanted environment that completely absorbs the viewers as they wander through the exhibition.

Gallery visitors entering the site filled with strands of multicolored, translucent “waves” participate by walking into the installation and stepping at random on individual buttons placed throughout the space. As they step on each button, they activate a specific piece of music relating to water (excerpts from Claude Debussy, Philip Glass and Eric Satie) or a sound (crashing waves, thunder, the call of a seagull, a fog horn) that is typically heard along the ocean's shore. Each button also activates a light directed onto a specific area of The Nocturnal Wave. When multiple buttons are activated by many visitors at the same time, the space is filled with both a cacophony of music and sounds and multiple flashes of light reminiscent of lighthouse beacons or lightning. The music and light focus the viewer’s attention on the multiple patterns, textures and colors of the individual wave pieces. In addition, as visitors press against the strands of polycarbonate pieces on their way through the installation site, they also activate the wave-like noises that the polycarbonate material naturally makes when it is moving.

Each experience in the site is shaped not only by a visitor’s own individual choices, but by also by other visitors, who are pushing buttons and exploring areas not yet reached by succeeding participants. The effect one person has upon the environment is shared in kind by the others.

Elena Kalman is a painter, sculptor and architect with undergraduate and graduate degrees in art and architecture from the Kiev Art Institute and the Moscow Architecture Institute. Her work has been exhibited most recently in The Stamford Museum (Stamford, CT), at the Collaborative Concepts Outdoor Sculpture Exhibitions (Sounders Farm, Garrison, NY), at the I-Park Foundation (Plantsville, CT) and at the Hammond Museum (North Salem, NY). Susan Hoffman Fishman is a painter and public artist with a significant exhibition history in museums, galleries and alternative spaces in New York, Boston and throughout New England. She has shown at the Alternative Gallery (NYC), the Berkshire Museum (Pittsfield, MA), the Bromfield Gallery (Boston) Real Art Ways (Hartford, CT), The William Benton Museum of Art (University of CT) and numerous others. She has received many commissions, grants, residences and awards and her work is in the permanent collections of the William Benton Museum at the University of Connecticut, the Aetna Life & Casualty Insurance Company, the Midstate Medical Center and in private collections throughout the country.

This is their first exhibition at Allegra LaViola Gallery.