Videos by Night

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© Courtesy of the artist & CREON Gallery
Videos by Night

238 East 24 St
10010 New York

October 10th, 2012 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM



Mark Wiener and Linda DiGusta

"Duet" was originally conceived as a mini-documentary under the working title "Duet in Black and White for Abstract and Figure." When beginning to edit, they decided that the simple, compelling imagery of work in progress best depicted the rhythm that exists between them as a couple and the art that each of them creates. With the score by Yukari, the message is that romance and art are inextricably linked.  In Wiener’s “Silence Please,” one action informs the next. As a vocabulary is built, each layer of thought re-examines the previous thought and instructs the next.  Simple marks repeat, skipping across the surface of the screen, alluding to figuration. The animation is conceived in moments of complete silence, with imagination skipping across consciousness.

Timothy Hutchings

The “Mandala” series comes from Hutchings interest in aestheticizing his non-art activities.  He records his slack time in various ways and then feeds that back into processes which convert the waste into something resembling art.  The Mandala works are records of video viewing which are then ran through video manipulation software, creating  quasi-psychedelia from pop culture. The music is just the sound from the video source reprocessed. 

Jeanne Wilkinson

 “Wakefield Dream” is an amalgam of the artist’s paintings, photography, animations, and her projections on rocks, trees, and also on moving figures shrouded with translucent fabric.  She merges this imagery with footage of her son Andrew Keeley Yonda and his wife Jennifer playing music and dancing. The sound track utilizes her son’s music with other effects from the filming process.  All of this forms a sequence of layered imagery that unfolds like an uncanny dream.  “Something-Something with Fish” is an animated abstraction derived from the artwork of Kaitlin Martin and footage of wildlife filmed by Wilkinson in Duluth, Minnesota’s fresh-water aquarium.

Beth Warshafsky

"Haiku: Springs Again” is a single channel video weaving multiple layers of content. 

It’s a dream written on a napkin, a silhouette of the artist dancing, with video textures and sound merged into a short, concise whole.  "I am Calling You” is a work in progress, a combination of textured layers of real time performance with the live camera input of musician Gerry Hemingway. Warshafsky’s work emerges over time as she finds form between image and sound. This intuitive process connects to her past as a painter - she often feels like she is painting in time.